A Healthier Thanksgiving Feast Can Be Nutritious and Delicious!

Here’s To A Healthier Thanksgiving Feast

Like most people I’ve been busy planning my Thanksgiving dinner this week.  Since I’m the host and we won’t have a big crowd I’ve decided to try some recipes that will make for a more nutritious and delicious (I hope), albeit less traditional, meal.

I want to have a wonderful meal, but no longer feel that marshmallow covered sweet potatoes, or pasty white-bread stuffing is necessary. Of course we’ll roast a turkey but I’ve found several new recipes that I plan to try.  Here’s a few:

All of the recipes can be found under the Holiday Recipe Collection tab under this web site’s header. I’ll keep adding recipes as we move through the holiday season as part of the Maintain, Don’t Gain initiative.  

I’m anxious to see how they all turn out.  I’ll have some pictures and a review up this weekend.

I hope you all have a healthy and happy Thanksgiving.