Add The Striiv Pedometer To Your Christmas List. You’ll Exercise More and Save A Rainforest!

Put This On Your Christmas List

The Striiv pedometer is a gizmo that not only counts the steps you take but provides positive reinforcement to get you to take more.

The makers of the Striiv pedometer understand that we are all victims of our high-tech society.  We sit most of the day and have after work commitments where we spend even more time in a chair.  We’re left with few options for physical activity let
alone an hour at the gym.  Often times the result is an expanding waistline.

The Striiv pedometer offers a unique reward systems that will appeal to your humanitarian spirit.  The Striiv device counts your steps and then donates to your choice of three charities.  When you sync the gadget to your computer, based on your activity, you have the option to:

  • provide clean water to families in South America
  • help fund polio vaccines in India or
  • save a rainforest.

Striiv also provides games where the only way to reach the next level is by walking, running or climbing stairs.  There are additional personal challenges that reward you for movement.

The developers of the device are gamers who have created many of the apps for Facebook and the smartphones. The goal is to encourage people to take more steps throughout the day.  Reviewers of the device say that the Striiv motivated them to add exercise to their day in a fun way.

According to the creators, the Striiv user is walking 3 miles a day for 60 minutes – that’s almost double the national average! Add it to your Christmas list or purchase it for a loved one.  It sells for $99 at