Almond Milk A Good Option If Skim Becomes Too Much Of A Bore

Maybe I’m late to the party on this one, but if you haven’t tried Almond Milk you’re missing a treat.

Like a lot of families, we did the step-down program a few years ago.
We went from 2% milk down to 1%, and have been on skim milk for at least two years.  I’ve never been a big milk drinker and have enjoyed it even less now that we are on the 2% diet.

Recently I tried almond milk and can’t believe how much better it is than skim.  I love the texture and nutty flavor.  But what about nutritional content? Is it too good to be true?

Nutritional Value – Skim vs Almond

Skim Milk:  Serving Size: 1 cup (8 oz), Calories 80, Calories from fat 0.0, Total fat 0g; Cholesterol 5 mg; Sodium 120 mg, Total carbohydrate 12 g, Dietary fiber 0, Sugars 12 g, Protein 8 g, Calcium 350 mg

Almond Milk: Serving Size: 1 cup (8 oz), Calories 88, Calories from fat 4.9g, Sat. fat 1.5 g, trans fat 0, Cholesterol 0, Sodium 20 g, Total carbs, 9.8 g, Dietary fiber 6.9 g, Sugars 1 g, Protein 0, Calcium 200 mg, Potassium 180 mg

The nutritional values are relatively close but the taste and texture of the almond milk is far superior.

If you’re thinking about trying almond milk and looking for more information there are several good articles at


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