Barefoot Running, Detox Dubunked, Peaches Geldoff Fad Diet and More. Here’s What Peaked My Interest This Week.

Health and Fitness Overload.  Let’s Sort It Out:

Every day I get so much health and wellness information that I’m overwhelmed by it.  It comes in the form of newsletters, smart briefs, subscribed-to blogs, e-mails, on-line magazines and Google alerts, plus all of the stuff I find on my own when I’m surfing.

Without realizing I’m doing it, I divide it all into three categories:

  • Information that is so relevant, important, and convincing that I need to share it on my blog today!
  • Information that is relevant and important, but not totally convincing. I need to do some more research on the topic and then share it on my blog.
  • Information that I’m so sure no one really cares about (or has already read on every web site they’ve visited) that it’s irrelevant and unimportant and I don’t need to waste any more time with it.

The articles that fall into the third category are the easiest to process with a drag and drop to the ‘trash’ can.  Categories one and two I save, e-mail to myself, bookmark, add as a favorite or print out and mark up.  I put up post-it notes to remind me about the bookmarks, favorites, e-mails to myself, and the other really good stuff that I’ve found that I need to share with the world.

Often the really good stuff gets lost, forgotten or covered up so no one ever knows about this wonderful secret stuff  — like how to get even more out of an interval workout (for example)  — that I’ve found except me.

Blogs Are Vehicles To Share Information 

What are blogs for, if not to share relevant, important, convincing material with readers in a timely manner?  So the end-of-the-week blog, at least for this week, is a summary of some of the health and wellness information that I’ve found, or that has found me, that I feel must be shared today!  Ive added  links to the articles so you can get more in-depth information is you’re interested.

Here Goes With The Weekly Countdown:

#5.  Detox Debunked – David Bender, an emeritus professor of nutritional biochemistry is convinced that the recent fads to detox the body are a bunch of baloney.  The Society of Biology magazine recently published an article written by Bender titled “The Detox Delusion”.  In that article Barber advises people to save their money.

The body is designed to detox itself.  That’s what the liver and kidneys are for and according to Barber does not need the help of expensive supplements to be effective. Personally, I’ve never understood the fascination with detox. I’m grateful for the David Bender’s of the world that are willing to take a stand against a ridiculous trend.

4.  Coffee Before A Workout Improves PerformanceA recent, albeit small, research project was done at Coventry University in England.  Thirteen young, fit men repeated a standard strength-training workout on several occasions.  An hour before one workout they drank a beverage containing caffeine.  An hour before another identical workout they consumed the same beverage without caffeine.

During the caffeinated workout the men were able to complete more repetitions, did not tire as quickly, and reported that they were eager to repeat the workout again.

Michael Duncan, a senior lecturer in the sports science at the University of Exeter in England said, ”Essentially, we found that with the caffeinated drink, the person felt more able to invest effort . . . . they put more work into the training session . . . . and were more psychologically ready to go again.”

You don’t need to convince me. I consistently drink coffee before my workouts with no side effects.  I’m not too proud to admit that there are days when I wouldn’t even make it to the gym without my morning jolt.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that too much of a good thing can have adverse effects including the jitters, heart palpitations, stomach upset and increased risk of dehydration so handle that cup of java with care.

#3. Peaches Geldoff’s Weight Loss Draws Negative Attention – Unlike Kirstie Alley or Valerie Bertinelli, both of Jenny Craig fame, Peaches Geldof’s  weight loss has brought negative attention to a dangerous fad diet that she claims to go off and on.  Peaches says “I do juicing” which means she juices vegetables and drinks that three times a day.  The diet doesn’t include solid food and she usually stays on the diet for a month at a time.

Peaches, star of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, was photographed at a film premiere in London and looked extremely thin and less than healthy.  Cath Collins, spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association says the diet is dangerous and wastes away internal organs and muscle tissue.  Collins says it is what kills anorexics.

First and foremost, I hope Peaches is well.  But I also hope she’ll stop with the silly diet fads so she can be a better role model for her young fans.

#2. Barefoot Running – Good or Bad?  – I’ve read a lot on this topic.  Anyone that runs is always looking for a way to prevent injury, run faster, and find the perfect shoe.  Is the perfect shoe no shoe?

The book “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall supports barefoot running.  McDougall claims that barefoot runners avoid the injuries that shoe-wearing humans experience in the ‘developed’ world.  The barefoot running analysis goes back to the cave man.  Cave men didn’t have shoes.  Okay.  I’m not being totally serious here, but the barefoot running enthusiasts maintain that not having shoes on allows the foot to land in a more natural pattern, landing on the forefront of the foot instead of the heal which apparently leads to fewer injuries.

There are some pretty impressive arguments for barefoot running.  Abebe Bikila of Ethiopia won the Olympic marathon gold medal in 1960 without shoes and in 1984 Zola Budd set a world record for the 5,000 meter run.  She was also shoeless.

I like shoes.  In fact I’m somewhat of a shoe junkie.  I’m going to keep my shoes on when I run.  At least for now.

#1.  Jackie Warner Has A New Workout DVD – I’m a Jackie Warner fan.  She is a no-nonsense gal.  Plus I love her hair.  She has a new workout DVD called Personal Training: 30-Day Fast Start.  The workout is total body muscle training:  push-ups, chest flies, curls, squats, and ab work.  It’s not fancy, but it will get the job done.  Check out the clip from collage video.

The video can be purchased at Collage Video for $11.99

There’s so much going on in the world of health and fitness it’s hard to keep up.  I hope you found something of interest in my picks.  If nothing else, I hope you’re motivated to keep on keeping on.


  1. I plan on getting Jackie’s video before the end of December. I want to start the new year with something new…change up my workout, thanks Karen!