Biggest Loser Trainer Bob Harper Says Dancing With The Stars Dangerous For Chaz Bono.

Hey, Bob.  Worry about your own show! 

For a guy who co-hosts a show where it’s not all that unusual for a contestant to be carried out on a stretcher I thought it was a little strange that Bob Harper would suggest that Chaz Bono might be risking his life on Dancing With The Stars.  He’s afraid he might get hurt trying to do some of the moves?

Bob thinks that Chaz might be more suited for The Biggest Loser which is the scariest show on television in the eyes of many fitness professionals.  I can’t bear to watch the BL because of the extreme workouts they require very overweight/sedentary people to do.  It’s a miracle they haven’t killed someone.

There are plenty of horror stories on the internet from some of the reality show’s former contestants and tons of derrogatory articles from fitness professionals that think the show is inhumane, disgusting, sad, and in one case described as “a made-for-TV spectacle that has morphed into a cruel hoax perpetrated on the typical overweight person in America who is desperately looking for the weight-loss secret.”  

I’m glad to know there are plenty of people who, like me, are offended, maybe even outraged by the Biggest Loser.

I’m guessing Bob is a little envious of the media bump DWTS is getting from picking Chaz.  Do you think this calls for the creation of a Celebrity Biggest Loser Show?

Good luck, Chaz.  As for Bob Harper, stick to worrying about your own show.. 


  1. I agree. I think Bob is jealous. He’s always been jealous of Jillian too because she gets so much publicity!