Color Block Dresses Like The One Kate Winslet Wore Are Very Slimming

The Illusion That The Color-Block Dress Creates!  Who Knew?

Do you remember your mother telling you that horizontal stripes make your look bigger.  I do and to this day I only wear horizontal stripes above the waist because I want to look bigger up there.  Vertical stripes below the waist, such as pin-striped pants, or even pants that have a seam down the front help us look longer and thinner so I stick with those.

What about a color block dress that creates an optical illusion?  That might be nice.  Kate Winslet wore one at the Venice Film Festival this month.  It only cost $1,600 and she looked fabulous in it!

Kate Winslet Trending In The Color-Block Dress

You Can Find A Knock-Off 

You don’t have to spend $1,600 or even close to it to get the effects of looking slimmer and longer.  Looking for clothes that have a solid color down the front with a different color along the sides can create the same effects.

Target has one for only $24.99 that is cute in black and purple.  It doesn’t have the side panels but does have the enough blocks of color that would create that I’m-smaller-on-the-bottom look we’re going for.

Target's Color Block Dress (more reasonably priced)

The Wet Seal color-block dress goes with vertical blocks in tan and red and is only $16.50. (Very cute.)

Wet Seal's block dress. Super cute!

My favorite is from Nine & Co. and can be purchased at JC Penney for $69.99.


Nine & Co. at JC Penney

And Nicole Miller’s (also at JC Penney) for $39.99 is a little dressier and very classy. This dress would be great for a holiday party or winter wedding.

Nicole Miller


Color-Blocks Must Be Trending 

Now that I’ve googled ‘color block dress’ and find there are 5 million results (I’m serious) I’m thinking maybe I’ve been missing something.  There must be something to this color-block thing that Kate Winslet has opened my eyes to. They are very slimming, very trendy, will help us look slinkier and there are hundreds, no millions, of them on-line. You can narrow down your search, however, at

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