Couch to 5K = Dream to Reality

That's me in the back in the orange

This is the perfect time of year to get started on a 5K training program.  The weather will begin to cool down by the time you get to the longer runs, and there are always plenty of races to sign up for in the fall.

The Cool Running Couch to 5K plan can take your dream of running a 3.2 mile race and turn it into a reality. Pick out a 5K event that is 10 to 11 weeks out, sign up and get started working on the program.

The picture in the top right corner is some of my co-workers and me.  We began the Couch to 5K Program at this time last year and ran in the Women’s Fitness Run at Crystal Lake Park in Urbana, IL in October.

Josh Clark of Cool Running offers some great advice for beginning runners and encourages people to take it slow, follow the workout plan and not try to overachieve.

The program only requires between 20 and 30 minutes three times a week.  It’s very doable and will get you to your goal.