Don’t Underestimate the Power Of Music To Increase Your Motivation

Need A Little Energy From Music? . . . . Click here: (02 If We Ever Meet Again)It’s one of those days.  I’m having trouble getting motivated to run.  While I wait for the mood to grab me I get the music started and am able to get moving with a little help from my iPod shuffle.

My favorite running tunes are on the shuffle that I’ve downloaded fitness music to. Each song is between 130 and 135 BPMs.  Most of the songs are remixed top 40 hits, but once in awhile something new will come along that I haven’t heard before, or an old tune will reappear like Sean Paul’s “We Be Burnin’” and it gives me the push I need to keep going.

Two great resources for re-mixed fitness music is Dynamix and Power Pro. These are the companies that I’ve relied on for years for a variety of mixes that have a great beat and inspire me to move. I’ve recently gotten hooked on Power Pro’s Top 40 Vol. 47 – track #2 is my favorite and have added it to the shuffle.

John Sines at 32 has a totally awesome collection of mixes that are created using the original artists, but because of royalty infringements he is only allowed to sell to fitness instructors. (We all know one of those, don’t we?) You can listen before you buy at all three music companies.

Workday Music

Sometimes at work my motivation isn’t quite where I need it to be either.  Again, I rely on music for inspiration. But there I mix it up a little bit more.  I have a Nano iPod that I just recently deleted all of the music off of and am starting to re-load so that it’s more organized.

I’m really enjoying Adele’s “21” and Florence and the Machine “Lungs”, but after awhile I’ll switch over to the Michael Jackson playlist or a jazzy CD called Chocolate Groove Mix that is totally instrumental.  The Groove is a mix that I hardly notice is playing, but my brain derives energy from it even when I’m not paying attention. By the way, it is actually a fitness music mix built for Pilates.

Pandora’s a great option when the iPod isn’t doing it for me.  If you like unobtrusive music while you work, put Enya in as radio station keyword.  The station that Pandora creates from Enya is my favorite so far, but I’m still exploring.

With Music I Go Farther, Faster . . . .

The way music stimulates the brain helps reduce our boredom with daily tasks, such as working, cleaning, cooking, etc.  It can also be used as therapy for pain and depression.  It definitely pushes us to walk or run farther or faster and increases the pleasure of other workouts that on their own might be non-existent.  Where would Zumba be without the power of music?

(If you clicked on the listening links you were enjoying “If We Ever Meet Again” on Power Pro Top 40, Vol. 47. and Chocolate Groove, also by Power Pro. 


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