Fitness Rock Stars Waiting To Be Discovered Challenge

One of the reasons I love going to work is because my co-workers provide the inspiration I need to do what I do.  They are always giving me tips to new stuff happening in the health and fitness arena and tell me about the new programs they’re trying or thinking about checking out.

My ‘tip of the day’ today came from my co-worker Danielle. (Thanks, Danielle!)  In fact, I’ve been so inspired that each week my goal is to seek an ad hoc group that is working to create a healthier lifestyle and highlight them in this blog.

Today’s rock stars are a group of innovative, fitness seeking women in the Champaign-Urbana, Illinois area that have started a “Chix in Training Boot Camp”.  These ladies are putting a spin on your typical military style training program – tutus in lieu of fatigues(?) – and implement Biblical principles into their program. The TuTu Crew looks like they would be a blast to do boot camp type stuff with!

Currently they are in Tuscola (IL) and coming soon to Philo (IL).  Check out the Chix’s web site for information and registration details.

Who inspires you? Do you belong to a group that gives you the push you need to be the absolutely healthiest, happiest individual that you can be?  Send the web site link to me for consideration on my Fitness Rock Stars Waiting To Be Discovered page.