For Every Hour of T.V. We Watch We Take 22 Minutes Off Our Life: Even If We Exercise 15 Minutes a Day?

Another study has been released that has determined that watching one hour of T.V. can shorten your life by 22 minutes.  Not 21 minutes and not 23 minutes.  Twenty-Two minutes!

The study also says that watching one hour of television is equivalent to smoking two cigarettes.

I think that these helpful studies are no longer of any value to me or anyone else.  And where do these researchers come from?

Earlier in the week I blogged about the study that says that people that are sedentary can add three years to their life by exercising 15 minutes.  I tried to compare that to the study
that says that people that do serious workouts everyday (exercise couch potatoes) are no better off than people that don’t exercise at all if they sit the rest of the day. All of the sitting overrides the benefits of the exercise except for the sedentary people that do the 15 minutes.

I thought I was catching on to how this all works until I read the new T.V. study today.

Bear with me while I summarize:

  • If you are completely sedentary and start exercising 15 minutes a day you can add three years to your life.
  • If you work out for an hour and a half a day but have a job where you sit you might as well not even bother with exercise.
  • For every hour of T.V. that you watch your life expectancy drops by 22 minutes. In fact it’s just as bad for you as smoking.

Here’s my questions:

  • Do the sedentary people that exercise 15 minutes a day and add the three years have to take off 22 minutes for every hour of T.V. they watch?  As I recall, the study that gave the three years for the15 minutes didn’t mention anything about T.V.
  • Do ‘exercise couch potatoes’ that watch an hour of T.V. have to deduct the 22 minutes?  Do they get to add the three years for doing the 15 minutes?  I can’t even do the math on that one.
  • What about people that watch an hour of T.V., smoke two cigarettes/day exercise 15 minutes/day, and stand at their jobs. How much longer do they live?  The T.V. and cigarettes are bad but the standing is better than sitting.

The studies are bordering on ridiculous. How about we work on maintaining a healthy weight, eat a low-fat diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, stay physically active – whether through our jobs or workouts at the gym, and don’t overdo the alcohol and cigarettes. Do those of us that practice this lifestyle get anything anymore?