Forget the Multivitamin and Stick With The Chocolate.

Almost every day I get a wellness newsletter with links to some of the top health-related news stories.  Today there were two that caught my eye.

The Bad News First: Women That Take Vitamins Seem To Have Slightly Higher Death Rates

This announcement comes from The University of Minnesota (in Minneapolis) by Dr. Jaakko Marsu.  Dr. Marsu says “unless you are deficient, there is hardly any reason to take them (a multivitamin).”

Don’t most people take a multivitamin ‘just in case’? Most of us don’t get our vitamin levels checked with our annual physicals so how would we know if we are deficient?  Sure, there are symptoms that go along with vitamin deficiencies.  But if you’re borderline you probably won’t notice anything so most of us take one-a-day just in case.

Anyway, the study uses data that followed 39,000 ‘older’ women that filled out questionnaires starting in 1986. During the study multivitamins became very popular.  The women taking the vitamins didn’t live longer than the ones that didn’t. In fact, “41 percent of multivitamin users died versus 40 percent of nonusers.”

What? The study was started in 1986 with ‘older’ women and the difference in the death rate between the users and the non-users 25 years later is 1%?

Anyway, on to the good news . . . . . .

Chocolate May Reduce The Risk Of Stroke in Women

Attention.  May I have your attention, please. A Swedish scientist reports that eating chocolate might lower a woman’s risk of stroke.  Of course, we’ve heard it before, we need to eat the dark (my favorite) and moderation is the key because of the high calorie content of chocolate.  But still.

The study, which began in 1997, included 33,000 Swedish women between the ages of 49 and 83 (‘older’ women?) that had no history of stroke, heart disease or cancer. The women completed a questionnaire about lifestyle factors. I’m starting to see a study pattern here.

The results of the study concluded that “the women with the highest consumption of chocolate had a 20% lower risk of stroke than those who didn’t eat chocolate.”


You Have To Keep Your Sense of Humor

I think that studies like these are utter nonsense, however I do enjoy reading them. But most of all I like to read the comments at the end of the articles.  They provide the comedic lift I need for the day so I thought I would share.  These are some of the comments on the chocolate-is-good-for-you article:

  • “My wife will never have a stroke.”
  • “It also cuts the risk of their being thin.”
  • “Maybe it’s just that women who don’t eat chocolate are genetic freaks and just happen to have a stroke gene too.”
  • “I think Ghiradelli is behind this one so send me free samples, please.”
  • “Whenever “might” or “may” appears in a study it pretty much says they don’t know.
  • “In an unrelated study, scientists found that eating was not in any way associated with weight gain.
  • “How ‘bout men?” I just bought an extra candy bar just in case …. “

and finally . . . .

  • “Article written by Hershey.”

Happy Wednesday and don’t get carried away with the chocolate.  It might just show up on your hips within the next two to three days.