Gliding Disc Exercise System Brings New Meaning To No-Pain, No-Gain

I Like To Move It With Gliding Discs

Lateral Lunge with 8 lb weights: Oo-la-la

The six pound weighted ball that we use in our morning fitness class has for awhile now been in first place as my favorite workout tool.  I was starting to reach the point of boredom with the ball workouts so recently asked my fitness director if she would buy gliding discs for my class to use.  (While waiting for the gliders to come in we were trying out some moves with a wash rag under each foot.)

The ball has now moved down to the number two spot (sorry little blue ball) and the gliders are at the top of the list.  (Note – the gliders in conjunction with the blue ball is a double whammy.)

From Wash Rags To Gliders 

We started using the gliders a couple of weeks ago and, for the most part, did many of our regular exercises  except now we have a disc under each foot.  Oo-la-la!  Who would have thought that a couple of discs that look a lot like furniture movers could create such muscular havoc.

Rear and lateral lunges take on a whole new meaning with these little contraptions under foot.  The on-the-floor glute ‘tuck and slide’ is even better and the ab work . . . .you’ll need to try it yourself and find out.

Along with the discs comes a workout DVD that is fun, challenging and easy to follow and is taught by Mindy Mylrea, Gliding creator.  I had my class use the six pound medicine ball with most of the exercises that were from the DVD.  It’s not necessary, but since we are a class of overachievers and most of us have survived the no-pain, no-gain era, I felt compelled to do that.

Here we are demonstrating the rear lunge with weights while we mug the cam.

If you know me, or have been following this blog you know I can be very skeptical and can spot a gimmick six blocks away. Sometimes I think things are gimmicks even when they’re not.  The Gliding Disc Exercise System is the real deal.  Just ask my class.


  1. There’s no better Instructor than Karen!!! I don’t know where she gets all that energy lol!