I Get By With A Little Help From My Phone: Top Five Health and Wellness Smartphone Apps to Try

My Smartphone is my fifth appendage so I might as well let it help me improve something besides my Angry Birds score.

Of the apps that I reviewed this is my top five.  All of the apps are free (yay!) and they all received at least four star reviews.

  1. WebMd – Provides 24/7 access to health information to assist with health improvement efforts.  Provides a symptom checker, data base for drugs and treatment, and First Aid information.  It’s a good app to have for those times when you don’t have internet access.  Received a four and a half star rating from 3,516 users.
  2. Calorie Counter by Fat Secret – This app provides calorie counts and nutrition information along with a food diary, exercise diary, barcode scanner and a weight tracker.  The primary complaint from users was that it was slow to load and run, but most recent reviews show that the speed has improved.  This app received a four and a half star review from 39,372 users.
  3. Fast Food Calorie Lookup – This is a super useful app.  This may keep Michelle Obama and the rest of us out of trouble when we are in a rush and end up in the drive through at Taco Bell or Arby’s.  This app has an extensive list of restaurants – 120 total – that it supplies calorie info for.  Received four stars and ware reviewed by 447 users.
  4. Cardio Trainer – Of all of the apps for tracking steps, running and other cardio workouts the Cardio Trainer get the highest reviews. It received four and half stars from 46,105 users.  App includes a workout schedule with reminders, heart rate monitor and friend activity feed.
  5. Android Relaxation Ringtones – Text messages, phone call, and news updates be cause stress overload.  I downloaded this app and for me, the soothing ringtones beat having top 40 tunes blaring from my phone.  Four and half star review out of 497 users.
If you have apps that you use and love to help you stay on task with your healthy behaviors, please share.