If You Think You Can’t Possibly Do More You’re Probably Right. You Might As Well Jump.

Go Ahead, Jump!

It’s Tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m.  I’m standing in the dark, chilly YMCA parking lot with two of my friends/running buddies.  We are heading out for our 6.5 mile training run. No one is really talking. We are all focused on getting our ear buds un-tangled and the music going and the watches set. No one has uttered the one syllable that sums up what we are all thinking. “Ugh.” At that moment I could think of so many reason not to be there. Finally, after we started moving I thought, “Let’s just get it over with.”

 Thank you, Flo Rida

The first song in line-up on the shuffle is Flo Rida’s The Club Can’t Handle Me. Not bad. I’m feeling better already. I’m starting to remember why I’m there. Because the other two are. Because I want to improve my time for the 15k I’m signed up to run next month. Because I sit most of the time at my day job. Because I can’t, no, I won’t give in to the voice in my head that tells me it will be okay if I don’t go.

The first mile is behind us, the Plain White Tees is up, and the JUMP acronym starts to roll through my brain. I was introduced to JUMP a couple of years ago by Kim Brown, an owner of several of the Curves stores in our area. She did a lunch-and-learn for our employees on how we all have the ability to tap into our energy reserves if we will Just Use More Power. I decided that’s what I would do this morning.

That’s what we all did. We completed the run six minutes faster than we had the week before. Six minutes! How? How did we go from ‘Ugh’ to ‘JUMP’ to shaving six minutes off of our time and getting our best time yet in a little over an hour? And even more perplexing, how do I get other people to do it if I’m not really sure how I did?

It’s Not Rocket Science.

That’s my plight both as a fitness instructor and wellness program administrator. Some days I think it’s one of the hardest jobs there is. Inspiring others to adopt healthier behaviors, to get out of bed early enough to work out, to give up ‘fast’ food even if only for 10 days, to put down the cookie is tricky stuff.  It isn’t brain surgery. It’s not like I’m helping build a rocket to put a man on Mars for crying out load. But it isn’t easy either and it takes a variety of methods.

Getting folks to implement behavior change requires a multi-touch system that includes everything from new workout toys like gliders and healthy recipes to drawings for gift cards. You might even have to throw in the old kitchen sink.

Go Ahead, Jump

It’s the real reason I started Put That Cookie Down Now; to provide one more resource to help move people from Ugh to JUMP. If it inspires one person it will be worth it. So when you feel like you can’t possibly do more to lose the last ten pounds, workout hard enough so that it matters, or lower your blood sugar or cholesterol, you are probably right. Can’t is a very big four letter word.  JUMP is bigger.

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