If You’ve Started The Ten Day No Fast Food Challenge, I’ve Got Some Tips For You

Are you working your way through the Ten Day Challenge? 

I had planned to launch the challenge at work last week, but got bumped because some folks in another department wanted to treat the entire organization to lunch on Friday, which meant people would have to exercise enough willpower to decline free ‘fast’ food and I didn’t think it was worth it.  You don’t get in the car to go for a trip if you know a huge roadblock is ahead.

So, anyway, the celebratory food is set up on the tables in the atrium  and, no, I have not gone out to read the labels on the packages or otherwise turn my nose up at what is being served.  I’m already referred to as the on-site food police which isn’t a very flattering label, so I’m going to eat the salad I brought for lunch and keep my mouth shut.  The challenge will start officially on Monday.

If you’ve been doing the challenge you may have noticed I’ve added special pages and have been trying to post some daily ‘tips’ if you want to check them out:

  • Day One – Shop The Perimeter of the Store
  • Day Two – What About Wine?
  • Day Three – Portions and Calories Still Count – I thought about naming this page “Don’t Shoot the Messenger”
  • Day Four – Label Reading
  • Day Five – Eating Out Is Easy!
  • Day Six – Have Fun In The Kitchen Again

I have several teams signed up to start Monday and some of them are super pumped up about the challenge.  So far it’s been entertaining just hearing some of the questions, like, “can we have soup?” and “how many ingredients are there in wine?”

I’ll keep you posted.  It’s going to be fun!