iPhone Provides Extrinsic Motivation For Physical Activity. Intrinsic Motivation Still Comes From Within.

Does Money, Gift Cards and Discounts Provide Inspiration For You To Exercise?

For many people extrinsic rewards help them stay motivated to exercise.  Extrinsic rewards are those that come from the outside.

You may give extrinsic rewards to your kids when they get good grades in school, or your boss might give them to employees for not missing any days of work.

These rewards usually come in the form of cash, gift cards or other prizes.

The iPhone now has a program to provide extrinsic rewards for users that track their workouts. Through a partnership with Kiip, Apple will provide iPhone users a chance to win prizes, discounts or the ultimate reward, a $250 gift card.  This is the first I’ve heard of Kiip because I’m not a gamer but it’s a pretty neat concept to begin applying real rewards to help people stay motivated to workout.

Add Facebook Friends For Bonus Points

The exercise app is called Nexercise and gives points for any physical activity lasting 15 minutes and applies bonus points for inviting Facebook friends to join in. Many people are already using their iPod, iPhone or Smartphone to track their workouts so no big leap required here to get people on board.

It’s really is a perfect world that combines exercise, social networking and an iPhone. For people struggling to include exercise in their day-to-day life a perk like this can get them moving.

If Nexercise can help move people along the continuum of change from Point A (extrinsic motivation) adhering to a healthy behavior pattern in order to win a gift card to the Point B (intrinsic motivation) “I do it because it makes me feel good”, this could turn out to be more than just another fitness app.

You can download the app at iTunes and get started on earning points if you have an iPhone.  If you don’t have an iPhone, then you don’t have an iPhone.