Join Me In The 10,000 Steps A Day Program. We’ll Work On It Together!

I’m Starting the 10,000 Steps A Day Program.  You Should Join Me!

I’ve decided to test some of the research that’s been done on the 10,000 steps a day walking program. (Plus it’s the Season of Eating so I could stand to burn a few extra calories.)  Some of the things I want to find out are:

  • How hard is it to walk 10,000 steps in one day?
  • Will wearing a pedometer motivate me to move more?
  • On an ‘average’ day how many steps do I walk without going above and beyond.

Why 10,000 steps? 

Ten Thousand seems to be the magic number that fitness organizations like the American Council on Exercise and the U.S. Surgeon General have settled on to be adequate to maintain heart health, reduce the risk of diabetes, increase muscle mass while lowering body fat and blood pressure.

A study conducted by the American Council on Exercise found that people in desk jobs typically walk, on average, between 1,800 and 4,700 steps a day.  To get the number of steps up near the ten thousand goal, daily walks need to added to the schedule along with some minor lifestyle modifications.

Pedometers Motivate People To Move More 

Studies have also found that wearing a pedometer motivates people to walk more, and significantly increases physical activity in general. People who wear pedometers actually take about 20% more steps than those who don’t. The use of a pedometer is linked to decreases in BMI and blood pressure. Plus wearing the pedometer will help you establish where you are now in your daily steps and set some realistic goals to increase or maintain that number.

10,000 Steps Starts Now

Let’s get started.  I’ll be posting daily updates on my success with the program here.  Don’t forget to put your pedometer on when you get up. I’m hoping you’ll track your journey with me.