Let Me Help You With Your Cookie Problem

It’s A Jungle Out There.

We all know it.  There’s nothing we can do about it.  It’s the world we live in.  Fast food that’s quick and cheap, jobs where we sit at computers in cubes all day, information that is at our fingertips.  Everything (and I do mean everything) is automated.  We rush from this place to that not processing where we’re going or why we’re going there.  Where has it gotten us?  In constant rotation on a revolving wheel within a sedentary lifestyle where we’re overweight, overtired and stressed out!

Why do we opt to drive through the local fast food chain rather than cook a meal at home? Why can’t we fit the recommended 30 minutes a day of exercise into our routine at least five days a week?  Why do we rush home from work and before we can pack up the mini van to get the kids to ball practice and music lessons devour an entire sleeve of Oreo cookies without even realizing it?  Because we find that when we finally make it home after a busy day the three children need to be in three different locations before 6 o’clock and dinner hasn’t even been considered must less waiting for us in the crock pot as planned. What is our response to that?  We throw in the towel, eat the Oreos, drive through Sky Burger and promise ourselves we’ll do better tomorrow.

Wow!  This ‘time’ thing is turning out to be somewhat of a problem. How will we ever lose the ten pounds we’ve gained since Christmas, focus on preparing nutritious foods for our family, and find time to exercise in this rapid paced life that we’re caught up in?

Much of what we’re going through today is the result of information overload.  We have so many things to take our attention from what’s important.  We all want our health, and the health of our family, to be Number One on the Top 10 Most Important Things in Life list but somehow we are having trouble getting it up there.  Maybe it’s even drifted out of sight.  It’s a backdrop; we know it’s there but we don’t have the time or energy to deal with it.  What do we do?

The good news is there are some things that we can do.  Simple things.  Everyday things.  Things that don’t take an enormous amount of time.  Things that if we do them consistently will begin to change our lives in ways that we didn’t think would be possible.

I’ve spent many years as a fitness instructor, fitness trainer and wellness coach and know that there are some very basic concepts that, when implemented and applied on a regular basis, will improve our sense of wellbeing and help create an overall healthier lifestyle.

So why have I decided -like thousands of other people on the Internet – that I want to write a blog?  Because I’m just like many of them.  I think that I have something to share that will eventually help someone else.  I’ve researched popular blogs.  Some bloggers want to help people learn how to be a better golfer, or gardener or have more fashion savvy or take better pictures, or provide advice on the best resorts in the most remote places of the world.  I don’t know much about most of that.  I do know that the struggle to find that balance in life where we are actually able to gain the control of our habits and take good care of ourselves is within reach.

I’ve decided to blog because I want to help people find a way to dig deep and find the power that I know is within them that will give them the strength they need to Put Down The Cookie Now!