Quick and Healthy Holiday Treats That Will Help You Maintain, Not Gain Weight This Season

Ideas For Holiday Goodies That Won’t Totally Blow Your Plans To Put Down The Cookie!

When I see all of the different cookies, bars and candies that people make throughout the holidays I’m overwhelmed. I know and appreciate that people love to bake at this time of year, but who is going to eat all of that?!?

A lot of it goes to the butcher, baker and candle-stick maker.
I’m guessing the baker and baker’s family are putting away a good portion too.  Co-workers also are on the receiving end of the treats. One of my friends said that last week there was a food tsunami where she works.

My mother used to start baking in November and created some 13 different candies and cookies between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I admit, none of us ever complained.

Check Out 25 Holiday Treats From Health.com

I felt like I had struck gold when I found a selection of 25 lightened-up holidays treats at Health.com.  Health.com calls them “Healthy Holiday Treats” but I’m thinking if sugar is the main ingredient we may have to reduce that statement to “Not As Unhealthy Than The-Stuff-We-Usually-Make Treats”

Two Recipes that I really thought I wanted to try are Mini Raspberry Tarts and Cinnamon Streusel Crisps.  Both use refrigerated sugar cookie dough and are easy to make.

I sent the recipes to co-workers that are in the Put Down The Cookie program at work and I got an e-mail from one gal that made a batch of the Mini Raspberry Tarts to take to a party. She said they were wonderful.

You can find the other 23 Health Holiday Recipes here.

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