Reebok Settles Lawsuit for $25 Million Over Easy Tone Shoes. Skechers and Ryka Could Be Next.

Easy Tone Shoes Have Rocked Their Way Out Of $25 Million 

Reebok settled for $25 million out-of-court with regards to a lawsuit that claims the company exaggerated the effectiveness of their toning shoes.  Reebok’s ads for the toners said that the shoes would increase muscle strength in the hamstrings and calves by up to 11 percent and consumers could see up to a 28 percent increase in the buttocks.

The lawsuit was filed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission on the grounds that the commission had received consumer complaints about the Easy Tone shoes and that the results of testing done on the shoes did not support the advertisements.

According to a news article in the Global Post, Dana Barragate, an FTC attorney involved in the case said, “We think this is a real victory for consumers,” “We hope it sends a message to businesses that if they are going to make claims they must be justified.”

Apparently, other companies that manufacture toning shoes and make unsubstantiated claims could be facing similar scrutiny including New Balance, Skechers, Ryka and Avia.

Reebok settled out-of-court to prevent a lengthy legal battle.  The $25 mil will go to consumers that are unhappy with their toning shoes. If you’re one of them, you can apply for a refund here: Reebok Refunds

This is a victory for consumers and particularly for people purchasing fitness products.  The fitness industry is riddled with weight-loss and exercise gimmicks from Easy Tone Shoes to Shake Weights and the HCG Diet.  These are my pet peeves.  What are some of yours?