Review of Tonalin – Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) – Gimmick or Helpful Weight Loss Supplement?

Tonalin has been around for several years and is sold as a dietary supplement to help with the loss of body fat and the retention of muscle mass.

The main ingredient of Tonalin is Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) which is derived from natural safflower oil.  Claims have been made that it exhibits antioxidant qualities and effects the structure of fat cells by inhibiting an enzyme called lipoprotein.  The result is a break down of dietary fat and an increase in the maintenance of muscle mass.

Overall, the research that has been done on the dietary supplement shows that it does help reduce mid-section body fat in individuals that are doing the things that they need to do to decrease mid-section fat:  following habits of proper nutrition, reducing their portions and getting the recommended amounts of exercise.  These are the things we should be doing anyway, and if we are, Tonalin may give us the support we need to see our results a little bit quicker.

Possible side effects:
In the studies that have been done, the downside of the supplement was that users had a slightly higher LDL (bad) cholesterol and slightly reduced HDL (good) cholesterol.  They also had a slightly higher white blood cell count.  According to WebMD these are both markers of inflammation and ultimately can be linked to heart disease.

Tonalin Claims
I would be leery of any supplement that promises ‘dramatic weight loss’ or statements that say it ‘speeds up the metabolism’.  From what I understand about Tonalin there are no metabolic boosting ingredients (caffeine for instance) and the Tonalin web site states there are no stimulants in the product.

I didn’t see outrageous statements promising results on the Tonalin web site but did on some of the sites selling the product. Tip:  The phrases – ‘speeds up metabolism’ and ‘dramatic weight loss’ – are always red flags and signal a gimmick or in the best case an over-statement. 

It takes years of large-volume research to determine the effectiveness of supplements and weight loss products.  So far, most of the research has been done on mice, although there have been some test studies on humans.   More research needs to be done before proof that the supplement assists with weight loss and muscle retention can be substantiated.

However, there are comments on some of the web sites like Amazon where actual users claim to have had good results from using the product and since the side effects are not so extreme that they override the benefits of any weight loss that might occur – as in the case of the weight loss product Alli – it might be worth a try.

A lengthy but informative review can be found at Diet Pills That Work.


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