Salad Recipes To Try This Labor Day (Christmas) Weekend

Part of the Christmas in September Tradition is A Parade on Monday.

Each September people in the United States celebrate Labor Day but in our little town it’s known as ‘Christmas’.

I live in a little town in Illinois that at one time was known for coal mining and having the highest number of taverns per capita as any city in the U.S. (our claim to fame).  Each year we celebrate the end of summer and all of our hard working laborers with a Christmas party. People come from all over to join in the festivities.

The celebration starts on Friday
and doesn’t end until the wee hours of the night on Monday. I have family and friends coming in to stay and have started putting my menu and shopping list together.

I happened to come across three salad recipes (my family loves salads) at the Eating Well web site and wanted to share them with you:

I plan to make each one and will publish a review as soon as I recover from Christmas.  Stay tuned.