Should Ten Days Without ‘Fast’ Food Really Be This Hard? Mealtime in America Is In More Trouble Than I Thought!

Bring It On:  The Ten Day No ‘Fast’ Food Challenge

Mac and Cheese out of the box is not on the diet

This has been a week of revelation for me.  After reading and blogging about Lisa Leake’s commitment to 100 days without ‘fast’ food I decided I would scale down (that’s an understatement) the challenge and launch it to my workplace for 10 days.  I made it a team challenge so people didn’t have to go it alone:  Go ahead and rally some co-workers for support

The rules I published were:

  1. No fast food that is handed to you in a bag through your car window.
  2. No fast food that is handed to you in a bag from behind a counter.
  3. No fast food that you buy in the grocery store. In other words, no heat-and-eat or Crap Macaroni and Cheese type stuff.
  4. No foods that have more than five ingredients.  (More on this later.)

Once I sent the e-mail out the e-mails started coming back:

Q.  Is Subway considered fast food?
A.  Please refer to Rules 1 and 2 and 4.

Q.  I’m on Weights Watchers and I’m eating WW meals for lunch and dinner. Is that okay?
A.  Please refer to Rules 3 and 4 and good luck with that.

Q.  I’m on the Nutrisystems diet.  Will you make concessions for this?
A.  Please refer to Rules 3 and 4.

Q.  The people on my team all eat Lean Cuisine for lunch, will they have to give that up?
A.  Please refer to Rules 3 and 4 and pick another team.

A-ha Moment

So, this is pretty much how my day went which caused me to have a profound a-ha moment at which point I said to myself, “Wow.  Mealtime in America is in more trouble that I thought.”

If you take away food handed to you in a bag through the car window or across a counter, heat-and-eat fast food grocery store stuff, and foods that contain a bunch of ingredients that no one can even pronounce, there’s nothing left for people to eat.

However, stressful this is, it does provide an opportunity to encourage staff to follow in the footsteps of Lisa Leake and discover that there are a lot of really great tasting, filling, and nutritionally satisfying ‘whole’ foods out there that if consumed for 10 days, 100 days, or a lifetime will change the way you think about food in a rather profound way.

Are you up for taking the Ten Day No Fast Food Challenge?  Check out Lisa’s blog for a list of foods you can eat and recipes, plus learn how she and her family became hooked on good food.

One Thing At A Time

As far as the rule about foods that have more than five ingredients, I’m going to have to make a concession for grain products. Many whole wheat breads and pastas have more than 20 ingredients that we can’t pronounce.  I can’t put the staff through giving that up just yet so for now we will settle for breads, pastas, etc. where the first ingredient is whole what flour.

If we get through the 10 days, maybe we can work on eliminating ammonium sulfate and silcon dioxide from our diets.