Save Your Teeth and Your Waistline: Skip The McDonalds Sweet Tea.

Would You Like A Little Tea With Your Sugar?

We’ve talked About Mindless Eating.  What About Mindless Sipping?

For anyone out there that is trying to control their weight I beg of you to stay away from McDonald’s Sweet Tea.  I had no idea how many people actually drink this stuff on a daily basis but it will put the kibosh on your weight loss goals faster than you can say, “May I take your order, please?”


Did you know that one 32 oz glass of sweet tea from McDonalds has a little over 8, yes that’s right, EIGHT teaspoons of sugar and 230 calories.  Yikes!

Let’s do the math on the calories.  If we want to lose one pound a week we need to reduce our calories by 3500.  Another option is to burn 3500 more calories a week.  The third is to do a combination; consuming less and burning more.

If we go through the McDonalds drive-through five days a week and order the 32 oz sweet tea (and I know people that do) we consume 1,150 calories a week just from the tea; in other words one half of the calories that we need to eliminate from our diet we’ve drank in a beverage that did not supply our body with anything it can use.  The nutritional value of the sweet tea is zero.

I have a school teacher friend that told me that some of her co-workers bring a large sweet tea to work every day to sip on.  This is bad for the waistline, and it may be even worse for the teeth!  Having the teeth constantly exposed to the sugar and acid in sweet teas, soda pop, and energy drinks is a dentist’s nightmare.

The only beverage we can safely sip on all day is water.  H2O is the best beverage for our tush and the teeth.  There are other sugary summery drinks you should avoid too.  Click here to see what they are.

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  1. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

  2. Justin Case says:

    Dare I dispute that McDonald’s Sweet Tea is not as bad for you as said in this article.
    I will compare McDonald’s Sweet Tea to coke 12 and 20 oz.
    Let’s consider the following (there are 4 grams in 1 teaspoon) and take a look at some numbers:
    10 teaspoons of sugar is the equivalent of 20 sugar cubes
    A little math for you. Take .25 and times it by the number of grams to find how many teaspoons.
    Also the number of grams of sugar for Coke products were taken from the following website:

    There are 39 grams of sugar in a 12 oz can of Coke.
    Thirty nine grams of sugar is the equivalent of 9 3/4 teaspoons of sugar

    There are 65 grams of sugar in a 20 oz can of Coke
    Sixty five grams of sugar is the equivalent of 16 1/4 teaspoons of sugar

    Ice is added to the Sweet Tea which equals Water which will add a little dilution to the 32 oz sweet tea drink and displacement. So from my understanding, each 32 oz drink of sweet tea is not a full 32 oz because of ice displacement. (correct me if I’m wrong)

    The nutritional value of the coke is zero

    The nutritional value of the sweet tea is zero

    In conclusion, after seeing this, what is the concern of 8 teaspoons of sugar in a 32 oz drink?

    I will not dispute at all that H20 (water) “is the best beverage for our tush and the teeth.”

    Some people can’t handle “plain” water though and when chemicals and additives are added to anything the nutritional value becomes worse.


    • Hi J.C. While I agree with you that sweet tea isn’t quite as bad for us as soda, it is a high sugar beverage with no nutritional value. We have an obesity epidemic in our country because people don’t stop to think about how these products impact our overall health. Stopping by McDonald’s for a sweet tea is an everyday event for many people and some may not realize the amount of sugar that this seemingly harmless beverage contains . How about ordering the unsweetened tea and skip the sugar all together?

      Thanks for the math lesson. I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my post!

  3. I had a sweet tea this pass weekend. This thing was so sweet I could have went into a coma. I tried putting some lemons and more ice to cut the sweetness, but wasn’t that effective. A McDonald’s sweet tea is 32 oz. size @ about 3 grams of sugar a oz. You do the math. Obesity is just one side effect. Cancer and Diabetes are far more worse and sometimes accompany obesity. Over consumption of this drug called sugar is not always considered when taking about Cancer and Diabetes. Brown sugar better alternative.
    lmagee recently posted..Coffee and Almond Milk Are On My List Of Superfoods. What’s On Yours? My Profile

    • You are so right about the sweet tea. The sugar coats the teeth. I had one one time and will never have another. I appreciate your comment. Thanks!