Stay On Track With Your Healthy Behavior Goals Even On The Weekend

Set Your Weekend Goals Early 

How often, after a week of being spot on with our healthy behavior goals, do we head into the weekend without a plan in place to make sure Saturday and Sunday run as smoothly as Monday through Friday?

There are plenty of challenges on the weekend. Our weekend schedule is different.  We may stay up later, sleep longer, relax more, go out to dinner with friends, and not even think about hitting the gym.  So when Monday comes we end up back at square one. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Five Weekend Goals That Will Prevent Taking Two Steps Back

Goal One – Create at least two healthy meals for you and your family this weekend. It can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Even better, try something new. has recipes and cooking tips so that your time in kitchen will be spent creating meals that are as delicious as they are good for you!

Goal Two – Go out to eat and make a healthy selection.  This can be easier than you think with the Restaurant Nutrition App for both the Android Smartphone and iPhone. This app is totally free and provides nutritional information for over 100 restaurants and 15,000 menu items plus an option to track the foods that you eat.

Goal Three – Take A Hike.  Visit a fall festival, apple orchard, or find a hiking trail and get some additional steps in this weekend.  Keep track of your steps by wearing a pedometer for at least one day.  Just having the pedometer on will increase your awareness of how much you’re walking as opposed to sitting.

Goal Four – Tear into one project this weekend that requires physical activity:  Washing the windows, the car or the dog would all work.  Rake leaves, mow for the last time this year with a push mower or clean out your closet and take the summer clothes that you’ll never wear again to the Salvation Army or local Goodwill.

Goal Five – Find at least 15 minutes of ‘me’ time.  Pick a spot, indoors or out, and sit quietly for 15 minutes focusing only on your breathing.  Listening to the sounds of nature or relaxation music, playing softly in the background can help you move into a meditative state sooner.  If you have more than 15 minutes, try to stay meditative for 20 or 30.  You’ll find that getting in touch with nature and your breathing is restorative and will help you be successful with Goals One Through Four.