Twelve Non-Food Gifts Under $20. Buy one for the boss, mail carrier and manicurist.

Non-Food Gifts Are Appreciated During the Season of Eating

The holiday celebratory food has started coming into work. It sits right across the hall from me so I walk by it all day. So far this week there has been decorated sugar cookies, chocolate muffins, a bowl of candy (leftover from Halloween), peanut cookies, what remains of a going-away-party cake with tons of white icing, and enormous pastries from Panera.

The holiday treats will be non-stop from now until after the first of the year when the New Year’s Resolutions are made. This onslaught of food makes it hard for those of us that are trying to put down the cookie this holiday season.

Maybe it’s time to think about giving some non-food gifts to the people on our list that we buy a little something for each year: the hostess of the dinner or holiday party, the mail carrier, the drop-in gift-bearing friend, the boss, hairdresser, etc. They may have already received all of the homemade chocolate fudge, divinity and shaped sugar cookies they can endure too.

Here’s A Dozen Non-Food or Beverage Gift Ideas For Under $20 To Get You Started.

Monogram Towels on Sale Now at Kohls

Here’s a list of 12 non-food or beverage items that to give this year. Some of them will even make great stocking stuffers. The best part is all of the items on the list can be purchased for $20 or less.

Monogram Towels – Holiday finger tip towels are always a nice gift, but can’t always be used all year. Kohls currently has a two-pack set on sale for $7.65 that works year ’round.

“Christmas” by Michael Buble – Michael Buble breathes new life into old favorites like Santa Baby, Blue Christmas, I’ll be Home for Christmas and Feliz Navidad. You can pre-listen to the selections at iTunes and download directly from the iTunes store for $13.99 or purchase the CD at Target for $16.99.

“Time for Joy” – A book of daily affirmations – This book received high reviews at One reviewer said it is a “delightful little book packed with wisdom.” This is a gift that can be read, shared and passed along.

Omron Gosmart Pocket Pedometer – If you have a friend or loved one that wants to put more steps in their day or has a New Year’s Resolution dedicated to increasing physical activity, this is the perfect gift to get them started. The Omron Gosmart pedometer at Wal Mart is $13.54.

As Seen On TV Debbie Meyer Green Bags – A friend of mine gave me the As Seen On TV Green Bags bags for a birthday gift. I love them. The bags really do keep your vegetables fresh longer. This is a very useful gift for that practical friend or family member in your life. They are $9.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Insulated Reusable Shopping Bag – I once thought reusable shopping bags were a fad, but they are definitely here to stay and they don’t have to be bulky and boring with the store brand on the front of them. Check out the one in turquoise blue at Bed Bath and Beyond or a bright fuchsia one, $10.99, at Target. I’ve purchased reusable shopping bags for family members and then filled them with other goodies.

Winter Wonderland Candle– There are so many seasonal candles it’s hard to pick one but the Winter Wonderland Candle from Bath & Body Works is one of my favorites. Bath & Body is a staple at most indoor malls so these candles are easy to find. If you’d rather shop from home the on-line B&B store has the winter candle for $9.50. Also, worth mentioning at Bath & Body is the seasonal Twisted Peppermint Lotion. Currently the 10 oz is $10 on-line.

Warm, Fluffy Socks – I usually get a pair of these for Christmas and always appreciate getting them since it’s not something I think to buy for myself. The deal this year is at JC Penney. They have lots of styles and colors and most are on sale for $5.99 for two pairs.

Scarves – Forever 21 is the place for scarves. They have an amazing selection of scarves for any age and all are very reasonably priced in the $20 and below range. Lots of fun colors and styles can be found at the on-line store.

Holiday Picture Frame – Kohls

Picture Frame – Buy a picture frame and insert a picture of you and your friend or family member to make the gift even more personal. This is a gift that will have sentimental value for years to come. An empty frame that they fill with their own favorite photo makes an excellent gift as well. Kohls has a good selection of frames for under $20, some with a holiday flair.

Women’s Wrislet Wallet – The oversized handbag has been downsized by the popular and more convenient mini wrislet. At you’ll find Amerileather Mini Writlets in four colors for only $16.49. Order one in every color and put them under the tree for sisters, cousins, and best pals.


Burt’s Bees Natural Lip Gloss – Burt’s Bees lip gloss is 100% natural with a juicy fruit flavor and sheer color gloss. The super shiny Pucker Berry lip balm is at CVS for $5.99.

Whatever you decide to give to that special someone this year there are oodles of non-food gifts that will be enjoyed for months and years to come.


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