“The Mermaid’s Song” Brings Inspiration to Hardcore Fitness Instructor: Water Aerobics Coming To My Life Soon!

My amphibian daughter scuba diving in Bon Aire

Yesterday my daughter Allie e-mailed me the link to “The Mermaid’s Song” written by Terrell Harris Dougan of the Huffington Post.

From the time Allie was a child, she was destined to have a career that was either near the water or in it. Her favorite movie was “The Little Mermaid”, she began swimming at the Y when she was three, joined her high school swim team, got the lifeguard certifications, became the Y’s pool coordinator and now works at a scuba diving training school in Southern Illinois.

So, when “The Mermaid’s Song” arrived in my inbox I had an idea what was up but didn’t really expect to find an article that was really as much or more about my passion in life than hers.

What is the most fun about this article is that we just put a pool in this summer and my husband and I have talked about how we can use it for exercise when we get older and can’t get to the Y everyday or need a workout option that’s a little gentler.  You never know, we might get in the business of backyard water aerobic classes one of these days.

Thanks to Terrell Harris Dougan of the Huffington Post for the inspiration.  The pictures in the article are priceless.