What Happened To Exercise TV? Here’s An Update

There have been several updates to this post – all with great information about alternatives to Exercise TV – since I first wrote about the loss of our favorite network.  Click here for options to Exercise TV, here for even more options, and here for the best free workouts on YouTube.

I’m with everybody else out there that’s trying to figure out what happened to Exercise TV and if there is another option for Exercise TV junkies. When I have questions I look to Facebook for answers.

Here’s What I’ve Found On Exercise TV’s Facebook Page

Exercise TV made an announcement on the Exercise TV Facebook page on 12/8/2011 at 5:27 p.m. :

“Yesterday, ExerciseTV had to shut down the web site permanently. We are truly sorry that the site will not remain until 12/15, but this was a necessary business decision. If you have any questions regarding an outstanding order, please email shop@exercisetv.tv. Please keep in mind that fulfillment on products is running about 3-4 days behind due to the overwhelming number of orders we’ve received the past few weeks. Thanks to all!”

Since December 8, Exercise TV has not responded to the numerous Facebook posts from their ‘fans’ that have expressed both surprise and disappointment to the news that the plug has been pulled on the popular program.

In the absence of Exercise TV, some of their ‘fans’ are using the Facebook page to promote their own exercise options:

• Laurel House has a link to Daily Quickies that you can check out. Not my idea of a real exercise program – no offense Quickie Chick – but I thought I would share. Someone out there might enjoy the Arm Circle Workout.

• Missy Braun from mistransformation has a DVD contest give-away on the Exercise TV Facebook site. She’s giving away a workout DVD from her personal collection to someone who comments on her blog site. Believe me.  I know how hard it is to get comments on a blog, so kudos to Missy for thinking outside the box on this one.

• You’ll be happy to know that The Butt Bible is on sale for $14.99 – for a limited time only of course . You may already be too late. I tried to grab the link to help you purchase one of the last copies of The Butt Bible but I am ‘unauthorized’ and therefore blocked from the site. Sorry.

• There is a link posted that is supposed to an alternative to Exercise TV. Free workouts can be found at Bodyrock.TV via youtube. These videos have a way to go to be in the same league as Exercise TV but they do show some exercises that are semi-creative and intense. If I were allowed to offer a one word suggestion to Bodyrock TV that one word would be MUSIC.  I’d like to hear something besides the heavy breathing and groaning that goes on here.

I wish I had better news. I’ll post more if I get it. I still believe there is a Fitness Rock Star out there that will pick up where Exercise TV left off. If dreams come true it will be Cathe or Chalene. I’m a believer!!



  1. Thanks for the mention of my blog post. I have the Butt Bible and there are reviews on my blog. They are very popular hits. I know Collage Video offers the Butt Bible but not at $14.99. It is worth the cost though – it changed my butt.

  2. nonofurbiz says:

    I can’t believe they just pulled the plug without a decent explanation. The stuff they have on Comcast now is really bad. I miss my morning yoga after my runs …. major bummer!

    • I agree an explanation would have smoothed all of our ruffled feathers a little. Let me know if you find a replacement.

  3. prayzehymn says:

    I have found some of the Exercise TV videos on the Hulu site for free. The enviga series was my favorite.

    • thank you! wondering if anyone remember..’Yoga for a better Back” with a little brunette?? found sone named that but this one wouls be from about 2005..it WAS on Exercise tV?

  4. Exercisetv helped me loose 30 lbs since I found it last March. I feel lost without it! Boo-Hoo

  5. I’m still feeling the loss of exerciseTv. I hope something similar comes along!

  6. Thanks for mentioning my Quickie Arm Circle Workouts! I was actually the “Fit Life Expert” for ExerciseTV, providing quick exercise and food tips to help make fitness a lifestyle, as opposed to a chore, and show how easy it is to slip in SOMEthing, ANYthing every day. My Quickie Workouts in Bed ended up getting a combined 6 million views on the ExerciseTV YouTube page- which was awesome! While I am a trainer, creating video and DVD workouts wasn’t my role with them. Instead, I was a voice on their Facebook page, the host of their ExerciseTV Live Streaming talk shows, and their main blogger (in addition to the Fit Life videos on YouTube). I also have a book coming out called “QuickieChick’s Cheat Sheet to Life, Love, Food, Fitness, Fashion, and Finance on a Less than Fabulous Budget” (St. Martin’s, May 2012). We are all very sad about ExerciseTV going down. It was an amazing brand, with incredible content, and a wonderful team of executives and experts. -xx Laurel
    Laurel House (QuickieChick) recently posted..How to Tailgate WITHOUT Bulking up like a Football Player (Food and Fitness Dos and Don’ts)My Profile

  7. Yeah… I am dumping Comcast. Verizon did something similar. So they are both getting the boot from me.

  8. I am really disappointed as I had purchased many exercise series and had them saved in their library. my purchase lost forever.

  9. Hi Exercise TV fitness friends!!

    I have to agree… I am or WAS an Exercise TV Trainer that appeared on the channel with 7 work out videos..I had a lot of fun working with those guys. I have a little bit of content posted to youtube.com, but I have been waiting for iTunes and Amazon.com to pick up the Exercise TV library..this was the last I heard…

    I have had many fans contact me directly for information regarding the sudden disappearance… I believe youtube.com will have a lot of new exercise content in the future… In the mean time, I am trying to put together workouts from the original videos, without stepping on any toes.. Also, I have now developed a LIVE WEB based training program- both one on one personal training and a fitness class…its affordable and you can exercise anywhere! If you are looking for weekly fitness tips, please Facebook me, and provide me with your email, and I will sign you up for my FREE Fitness Newsletter…

    I hope I have been able to help!!

    In health,

    Shawnee Harkins

    • Shawneeh, thanks so much for the update. There are still a lot of people wondering about the Ex TV situation. I recently did a post on the best YouTube workouts and no doubt will do one again as more show up. I will definitely check out your videos and include it in the next update. Good luck to you in launching your site!

  10. Rasmus E. Ingerslev says:


    My name is Rasmus and I am the founder of http://www.wexer.com – an online health club offering exercise videos to use at home. We offer cycling classes as well as yoga, pilates, dance, strenght, circuit….

    Feel free to check out our site http://www.wexer.com – and leave comments on our facebook page .


    • Thanks for your comment and letting us know about your web site. We are always looking for good options and alternatives to Exercise T.V. I’ll be sure and check out your site!

  11. I just found this site when I tried to google exercisetv. I had NO IDEA that they had shut down their website. I did a few workouts on their site last year & really enjoyed them. Fortunately, I have comcast and a couple of months ago found some really good workouts. Of course being online, you could order them and save them to your computer. They could have AT LEAST posted some sort of explanation or reason on their facebook page. Oh well……Thanks for the update. Now I know.

    • You’re welcome. I’m always on the lookout for other options – and there are plenty of good ones. I’ve gotten some good suggestions from some of the comments as well. Thanks for checking out my site!!

  12. nicole kutun says:

    I am in mourning from the loss, but honestly youtube has a huge amount of exercise videos. so that is where i go.

    • Many, many options. I’ve tried to keep people updated and have learned about so many from the comments I’ve received. Let me know if you find one that you’d like for me to share.

  13. Try http://www.sparkpeople.com. They have plenty of videos and motivational tools.