When World’s Collide – Fitness Industry and Workplace Wellness Programs Use Different Means To Reach The Same End

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Tony Horton, Meet Dr. Dee Edington

The fitness industry is full of over-zealous group instructors and personal trainers that charge people up and fill them with motivation and enthusiasm to lose weight and buff up.  We think of our ‘clients’ as a piece of clay that we can mold and change and shape into the person they (or we) want to see.

The role of the workplace wellness program administrator is different.  In this role we follow the concept of ‘don’t get worse’ that Dr. Dee Edington made famous with his book “Zero Trends”.  If we can at least keep people from slipping further along the health continuum that goes from well to chronically ill, we can acknowledge some level of success.

Dr. Edigton and Tony Horton Have More In Common Than We Might Think 

Though these seem to be two entirely different concepts, everyone is working towards the same goal; to have a positive impact on the health of our families, friends, co-workers, and even those people that we’ve never met (hence the several thousand health and wellness blogs out there).

“The flower that follows the sun, does so even on cloudy days” – Robert Leighton

For those of us that are passionate about wellness, it is a daunting and sometimes overwhelming task to inspire people to keep pursuing their dream of a healthier lifestyle.  I hope this blog will help at least one person realize that health isn’t found in a diet pill, a fat-melting exercise program, or fad diet.

Wellness is a process of getting up everyday seeking to choose the healthiest options that are within our reach.  Do we accomplish this everyday? For most of us the answer is, of course not. So, we get back up the next day and start again.