7 Never Boring, Always Healthy Food Sites To Bookmark


There’s More To This Than BroccoliIf you think a healthy meal consists of a garden salad with light dressing and a grilled chicken breast with a side of broccoli, I’ve got great news for you! Below are links to seven of my favorite healthy food web sites that are so abundant in delicious, hearty, healthy recipes, you won’t know where to begin.  Be sure and bookmark these sites because you’ll want to come back over and over.  I guarantee you will never feel ho-hum about mealtime again.


1.  Skinnytaste –  Gina Homolka combines her love of cooking and photography to create a site that displays low-fat, family friendly recipes in pictures.  Skinnnytaste has an extensive list of categories – everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner to gluten-free and low-carb.  All recipes include nutritional information.

Even if you don’t particularly love to cook, the picture stories are sure to get you motivated and anxious to get in the kitchen. If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend the Stuffed Pepper Soup:  Nutritious, delicious comfort food.

2. Cooking Light – True to it’s name, Cooking Light supplies lower calorie recipes that don’t look, feel or taste like anything has been trimmed down.  This site helps us realize that all foods can be part of a healthy diet.  It’s all about preparation.

My favorite is the Superfast Cooking tab where Allison will show your how to prepare recipes – via video clips – like Lemony Chicken Saltimbocca.  The lemon chicken may sound intimidating, but it only takes a few minutes to prepare and looks beautiful enough to serve to guests.

3.  WellJourn – What I love about WellJourn – besides all of the healthy recipes – are the inspirational daily messages and health-related blog posts.  I made the Jacked Tuna Asparagus Bake last week and it was wonderful.  It is slimmed down comfort food, but if you don’t tell anyone that it’s a lighter version of the real thing, they wont’ know it.

‘Like’ WellJourn on Facebook and new recipes and updated blog posts will funnel right into your news feed so you’re sure not to miss anything.

4.  WhFoods – George Mateljan, creator of WhFood.org, takes the approach that food is medicine and focuses on helping people use the “power of food to achieve good health and prevent disease“. There are over 100 quick and healthy recipes with prep time of 30 minutes or less.

While this site isn’t as glossy as Skinnytaste or Cooking Light, it is superior in the way it displays nutritional information so that it’s easy to understand. Check out the Curried Chicken Over Spinach recipe’s nutritional profile to get an idea of the depth of nutritional information provided at this site. I don’t know if I’ve seen this anywhere else, but I love it!

5.  Eat Better America – At Eat Better America you’ll find healthy recipes, a blog, and cooking tips and with a team of five contributors, they out push a considerable amount of content.  You can even snag some coupons at the site.

I made the Wheat Berry Salad and we really enjoyed it.  This site also has a very active Facebook page so give them a ‘Like’ on Facebook to stay up-to-date on the most recently published recipes.

6.  Meal Makeover Moms – The name says it all.  Meal Makeover Moms, is dedicated to busy moms looking for healthy and totally delicious foods for their families. Site creators, Janice Newell Bissex and Liz Weiss, aren’t just moms on a mission.  They’re also nutritionists that are making over some favorite kids foods like fish sticks, sloppy joes and chicken fingers. You don’t have to be a  mom to enjoy this site.  There’s something here for everyone.

Meal Mom’s site is easy to navigate and the design in itself has kid appeal.  Open the site for your children to poke around in and they’re sure to find a recipe that they can help prepare.

7.  Snack Girl – Who can resist a web site that focuses on healthy snacks (along with some other things)?  Snack Girl not only supplies recipes for snacks that you can make, but will also help you figure out what the best pre-packaged snacks are and which ones aren’t so good.

The person behind Snack Girl is Lisa Cain, a evolutionary biologist that has an obsession with how food contributes to our overall health.  She is #44 on Greatist’s 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness 2011.  Wow!  What an honor!  You can like Snack Girl on Facebook too.

What’s Your Favorite Healthy Food Site?

Let me know if any – or all – of these sites inspire you to get in the kitchen. Do you have a favorite web site that you go to for healthy recipes?  Please share in the comment box below.