Applause, Applause To Trucking Fitness And A Greasy Two Thumbs Down To Burger King

It’s Friday I’m In [Link] Love

Here are my picks for the week:  the latest health, wellness and fitness news of the week all for you on link love Friday.

Low-Carb Diets Can Increase Cholesterol, Disease Risk, Study Finds – Low carb diets have been the craze for several years starting with the famous Atkins Diets.  A recent study shows that decreasing our carbs usually means increasing our fat intake which leads to higher cholesterol and risk of heart disease.  The study supports the concept that eating complex carbohydrates as part of a healthy diet is best for long-term weight loss.

Five Myths Shared by Dr. Oz and Health Officials On Weight Loss and Nutrition –Dr. Oz shares the results of his survey which reveals the top five diet myths that often derail attempts at losing weight.  You’ve heard some – or all – of them before, but in the article Dr. Oz provides a good explanation as to why these myths are myths. (Not everyone in the comment section believes what he has to say about Myth #5.)

Headstands, Push-ups Make A Health Workplace – Wellness Corporate Solutions doesn’t just sell workplace wellness programs to its customers, it has one of its own at home base that has support from the top. Having a workplace that supports physical activity and good nutrition is key to having a healthy workforce.  I offered a few months ago to send wrist bands to anyone who decides to lead the charge to start up a wellness program at their company or organization.  The offer still stands.

Nutrition And Exercise DVD For Truck Drives Now Available – Fitness Trucking has created a DVD to address the plight of the sedentary, overweight truck driver.  The DVD covers strategic meal planning – not easy to do when you’re over –the-road – and 31 bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere.  I’m guessing this DVD will reach well beyond the trucking industry and hopefully into the lives of other people that have a challenge of sit-down 24/7 jobs.  Fitness Trucking’s web site is dedicated to supporting truck drivers in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

The Wellness Code: Your Ultimate Guide to Health, Fitness and Nutrition – The world’s leading experts on health and wellness have come together to compile a book that has hit the best seller’s list.  The book’s focus is on the most relevant areas, including: nutrition, diet and exercise, physical and mental health, medical considerations, career wellbeing and healthy habits.  It is on sale now at Amazon for $19.95 and is receiving five star reviews.

I’ll Pass On The Burger King Bacon Sundae.  And so will I!  There seems to be a real disconnect between the Burger King food chain and the obesity epidemic. According to The Salon, the sundae has 510 calories, 18 grams of fat, and 61 grams of sugar but people are loving it, especially in the southern states. So wrong in so many ways.  I support a boycott.  Who’s with me?

Fabulous On A Budget – Need a little fun on a Friday?  Fabulous On A Budget is one of my favorite web sites.  Mary Darling and Leah Ashely joined forces when they were students at the Los Angeles Fashion Institute learning how to live life fabulously on a dime. They figured it out and are now sharing it with all of us. The site has tips on how to be fabulous, some amazing photography and is just plain fun!

It’s unbelievable how much can happen in a week.  Next Friday I’ll be in link love again so please, come back. Feel free to share the my links using the buttons below.