Ballet Beautiful: The Dance-Inspired Exercise Program That Creates A Longer, Leaner, Stronger Body

Get The Body of A Dancer With The Ballet Beautiful Workout

Runners, athletes, CrossFit addicts and people that are new to exercise can benefit from the Ballet Beautiful Total Body Workout method.  New from Lionsgate’s Be Fit Channel, the Ballet Beautiful Total Body Workout is a 60 minute, six-workout collection that consists of a bridge series, abs, inner thighs, outer thighs, arms, and a standing dance-inspired segment.

Ballet Beautiful is not your killer, Ripped in 30 workout. But, in its own way is challenging and works on muscles using techniques that most programs do not. I certainly came away from the experience with complete awe, respect and admiration of Mary Helen Bowers, creator of Ballet Beautiful.

Train like a ballet dancer with the Ballet Beautiful Total Body Workout

Mary Helen Bowers and Ballet Beautiful

The Ballet Beautiful workout was developed by Mary Helen Bowers, a former member of the New York City Ballet and founder of the Ballet Beautiful method.  Bowers began studying ballet at the School of American Ballet in Manhattan at age 15.  She joined the New York City Ballet at age 16 where she stayed for ten years.

She currently owns and operates Ballet Beautiful where she offers both group and private training. Bowers created the Ballet Beautiful workout to “polish and sculpt her own form as a professional ballerina.”

Mary Helen is a celebrity trainer and coached Natalie Portman for more than a year to prepare her for her role as a ballerina in the movie the Black Swan.  Natalie’s dedication to her role as Nina and Mary Helen’s ballet workouts transformed Natalie into a graceful silver screen ballerina. Black Swan was nominated for five Academy Awards and Portman won the award of Best Actress for the film.

Why is this important for you to know this before you try the Ballet Beautiful workout?  Because, if you’re like me, when you push play on Part One – the Bridge Series – and Mary Helen Bowers appears, unless you too are a ballerina, you will probably think, “Oh no! I’ll never be able to look or move like that!” The strength, flexibility, and grace of Mary Helen might take you back for a minute.

The fact that 99% of us that are going to do the Ballet Beautiful workout don’t look or move anything like Mary Helen doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from the ballet method.  In fact, once I got done with the bridge segment – which was a challenge – and moved onto the abs and inner thighs I found the moves to be doable and effective even if I wasn’t executing each exercise perfectly.

Here’s the trailer for the Ballet Beautiful DVD that will give you more of an idea of the flow of the program.

Fitness Trends Come and Go

CrossFit is insanely popular as is P90X2 and Insanity.  These workouts focus on burning fat with over the top cardio bursts followed by muscle building sets that focus on strength training using equipment or body weight exercises.

Ballet Beautiful is at the other end of the fitness trend and falls more in line with workouts like The Barre, yogalaties, and the various of yoga methods that are popular with celebrities like Jennifer Anniston.

If you’re a fan of the fast and furious workouts – CrossFire, Extreme Shred & Shred and Turbo Kick – there is a place for the Ballet Beautiful workout in your line-up.  This ballet inspired workout will help you lengthen, strengthen and tone on days when you need a break from the higher-intensity workouts, and may reduce the risk of injuries that high-impact exercises can set you up for.

If you’re already a fan of ballet-style workouts, yoga or Pilates, you’ll love the challenge this six workout DVD provides and the smooth, easy delivery of its creator, Mary Helen Bowers.

Ballet Beautiful is on sale at Amazon for $12.99.

I’m anxious to know if you’ve tried Ballet Beautiful and what you think.  Please share in the comment box below.