Be Different. Be Amazing. Just Don’t Be Perfect.

Be Different.  Be Amazing. Be You.

“Perfectionism may look good in his shiny shoes, but he’s a little bit of an asshole and no one invites him to their pool parties.”
- Ze Frank

Ahhh.  Always working towards perfectionism, yet things are never perfect.  Isn’t that where we all find ourselves at times? I loved finding this quote by Ze Frank.  As much as I see myself as an aspiring perfectionist, I still want to get invited to the pool parties.  Don’t you?

Whether you’re planning the perfect vacation or have a goal to be a perfect 10 in a swimsuit by June 30, keep in mind that sometimes the harder we try to achieve perfection, the farther away it becomes.

Who Is Ze Frank?

If you’re not familiar with Ze Frank I think you’ll like him.  Ze is a totally creative individual that made history with an online birthday invitation he made of himself doing funny dance moves.  You can watch them here.

Be Different. Be Amazing. Be You. Flickr photo by pshutterbug

He sent the invite to 17 of his closest friends.  Somehow the invitation generated millions of hits.  Ze’s web site won the Webby Award for Best Personal Website in 2002.  Ze is the inventor of The Scribbler.

In 2006 he created an internet show, somewhat akin to Jon Stewart’s  “The Daily Show” only just called “The Show”, that lasted exactly one year. Ze is now back with a new show called, “A Show” that will ‘air’ on the internet three times a week and is scheduled to start this year.  Here’s the promo for “A Show”:

I Have Some Questions 

I’m fascinated with the Ze Frank story but I have a couple of questions:

  • Is Ze a genius?  I don’t know.
  • Is he incredibly creative?  Definitely.
  • How is it that he put some silly dance moves on the world wide web back in 2001 and it turned into a career?  I wish I knew.
  • What does he have that most of us don’t?  In a word, courage. He’s not afraid to try something even though it’s possible he’ll look silly or be a fail.

What are you afraid of?  That you won’t be able to say no to the M&Ms in the M&M dispenser in the office next door or the pizza buffet that you and your friends go to every Friday night?  That if you miss one morning workout at the gym it will be a year before you to go back?  Or you’ll meet the man (woman) of your dreams and screw it up somehow?

I harbor all of these (and more) fears too. The anxiety over all of the possible ways I might mess things up creeps into all aspects of my life and it keeps me from taking chances and from being as awesome as I can be.  But when I see someone like Ze who is totally comfortable in his own uniqueness it helps me step out a little farther on my own limb, have the courage to try something different and seek to be amazing in some way even if I’ll never be perfect.

So why am I so fascinated with Ze?  He’s like a breath of fresh air. Nothing is perfect.  No one is perfect.  Perfection is highly overrated.  The important things in life are family, friends, good health and invitations to the pool parties. Be different and be amazing.  Be you.  And don’t worry about being perfect.

Thanks to Copyblogger for introducing me to Ze Frank who became my inspiration this week.