BeFit In 90: Your Weapon In Beating the Battle of the Holiday Bulge.

It Doesn’t Get Better Than This: A Different Workout Every Day For 90 Days
And It’s Free!

Be Fit has taken their YouTube channel to the next level for free at home-workouts.  Lionsgate’s Be Fit is offering a 90 day workout program led by former Olympic sprinter Samantha Clayton and former marine Garret Amarine.  The cost? Zero!  

Free workouts for 90 days at BeFit in 90.

The Befit in 90 program is designed to help you transform you body in, well, 90 days.  It’s a total body circuit and cross-training workout system that includes strength, cardio, flexibility, yoga and high intensity drills, so there’s something for everyone.

The workouts are only 35 minutes in length and the routines become more intense as the days go by to keep your body challenged. Also, the workouts are broken down into segments.  For example day one consists of four mini workouts: a warm-up (five minutes), chest, legs and buns workout (10 minutes), fat-burning cardio segment (10 minutes), and sports stretch (10 minutes).

Watch the Promo for BeFit in 90 here: 

If you don’t have time to do the entire workout at once you could do part of it in the morning and come back to finish it up in the afternoon or evening.

The instructors are energetic and motivating and you won’t have to make an investment in equipment beyond a couple of sets of dumbbells and a yoga mat.

As with any exercise program, it’s best to check with your doctor before you start the BeFit in 90 Challenge. Plus, as Jillian Michaels would say, “This isn’t your mother’s workout” so work at your own level, modify when needed and listen to your body.

Lionsgate’s BeFit channel has a variety of workouts from Jillian, Denise Austin, and Jane Fonda. Plus hip-hop dance workouts with Brayn Tanaka, yoga with Sadie Nardini,  and the Ballet Beautiful workout by Mary Helen Bowers.

If you haven’t visited BeFit, it’s definitely time to check it out.  Subscribing to the 90 day workout plan, or selecting from the smorgasbord of workouts at the site will help you keep those unwanted pounds that creep up during the holidays at bay.

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