Does Mayor Bloomberg Have The Right Idea Or Is It More Big Brother?

Who’s Right? You Decide.

One of my Facebook friends was on a rant this morning about how angry she is that the mayor of New York is going to enforce laws about super sized soft drinks in his city. Mayor Bloomberg thinks that 16 ounces of a sugary soft drink is enough and certain establishments will be restricted from selling anything larger. My friend thinks this an infringement on people’s rights. She’s not the only one that is hopping mad about this!

One of my other friends had the infographic I posted below that depicts the rising rates of obesity in America posted on her Facebook page this morning. It does the tell the story of where we are headed if things don’t change. Maybe it’s time for the government to step in.

Do We Need More Laws Or Is It Big Brother?

What do you think? Does the government need to puts taxes and restrictions in place to try and turn our country’s problem around or is this just more help from Big Brother that will eventually destroy our freedom?

Something to think about. (Don’t you just love infographics?!?)

Find out about the continuing rise in the number of obese Americans, in today's LiveScience GoFigure infographic.