Download a Free Workout Music Re-Mix From GNC

Download GNC’s Live Well Mixtape For Free

You can download GNC’s Live Well Mixtape for free at GNC Live Well Blogs.  The mix has 50 minutes of workout re-mixes produced by DJ Japancakes. I downloaded the mix yesterday and listened to it today.  It’s good!  Definitely worth the two minutes it takes to follow the link and download.

The link will take you to Soundcloud, a sharing site for musicians.  It reminds me of Flickr, the photo sharing web site that allows people – like me – to download photos for my web site legally for free.  FYI – not all of the music on Soundcloud is free and not all is downloadable.

Live Well Mixtape

The songs on the Live Well Mixtape are all remixes of some top 40 songs like Jefferson Airplane’s “Somebody to Love”, Michael Jackson’s “I Want You Back” and Kings of Leon’s “Sex on Fire”.  The mix won me over because it includes one of my favorite songs, “Take Over Control”.  Most of the music is mixed at 132 beats per minute.

Finding workout music that is motivating is a never-ending quest that we all go through.  As a fitness instructor I’ve had access to the best of the best workout mixes – although not free – that I’ve purchased from Dynamix, Power Music and John Sines 32 Mixes.

Let’s face it.  Music gets boring after a few listens.  I tune in to top 40 radio on my way to and from work which is about 45 minutes each way.  I hear the same songs over and over.  This week I’m hearing Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling”, Kelly Clarkston’s “Stronger” and   Lmfao’s “Sexy and I Know It” every time I’m in the car.  As much as I like Bruno Mars and Maroon 5, I really think I will lose my mind if I hear “It Will Rain” or “Moves Like Jagger” one more time.  Top 40 radio stations wear these songs out!  No way can I have the same songs on my iPod or workout playlist.

The Live Well Mix is a nice change.  Some of the songs are new to me.  The songs I do know are re-mixed in an interesting way so that they didn’t sound like the radio version I’ve heard a million times.  Did I mention, it’s free?

Where Else Can You Go To Download Free Music?

I’ve been through the Limewire phase.  After Limewire was shut down I tried Frostwire but it’s full of spammey, virus infected downloads.  I’ve given up on the junk that comes from those venues.  Let’s face it.  The days of free music are gone and rightfully so.

I created an account on Soundcloud.  When I get a chance I’ll browse around and see what else I can find that’s unique and won’t leave me reaching for the skip button after the first eight counts.

Inquiring Minds – Check Out The GNC Mix And See What You Think.  One word of caution.  I became overly curious about DJ Japancakes and thought maybe they would have more mixes that I would like so I ‘Googled’ to find their site which I did while I was at work. When I clicked on the ‘About’ page of DJ’s site my computer went crazy with some spam ware junk.  It was so bad I had to call our IT department to get me out of it.  I’d steer clear of Japancakes if I were you.