Downsize Your Portions Fashionably

Slim & Sage Portion Control Plates

If you think it’s time to get control of your food portions – or someone else’s – set your table with the Slim & Sage portion control plates and no one will be the wiser. The Slim & Sage plates have a stylish Euro flair and encourage effortless portion control.

Slim & Sage Portion Control Plate in Blue

Slim & Sage Portion Control Plate in Blue

The creators of Slim & Sage – Tatyana, Jamie and Margaret – have a wide range of expertise and experience in health and wellness.  Tatyana, whose background is in healthcare, has a lifelong passion for design and healthy eating.  Jamie was in business development at Learn Vest and is now working on a group fitness instructor certification while studying at the Natural Gourmet Institute.

Coach Margaret is the founder of Wellcoaches Corporation and co-director of the Institute of Coaching at Boston’s McLean Hospital, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School.

Together they’ve designed the chic portion control plates that don’t appear to be conspicuously smaller or have an institutionalized look.

Slim & Sage plates in red.

Slim & Sage plates in red.

Getting A Handle On Supersize

Since the 1970’s food portions have been steadily on the rise in the United States.  Our plates have gotten bigger to accommodate larger portions.  The average plate size in the1960’s was 9 inches.  Today it is 12.  We’re supersized!  I don’t need to tell you the problem that is creating for employers, the healthcare system and our own pocketbooks.

Portion Control Is Easy With Smaller Plates

The Slim & Sage web site offers some compelling evidence that proves that people can lose weight effortlessly just by using a smaller plate. Two of the studies they mention are:

  • Google introduced smaller plates in their cafeteria and employees lost an average of 10 – 15 pounds without dieting.
  • The Archives of Internal Medicine cites a study where 130 patients were divided into two groups.  One group ate off of conventional plates; the other used portion-controlled plates.  Those using the portion-controlled plates lost 94% more weight than the conventional plate group.

Remember the bottomless bowl of soup study that Prof. Brian Wansink’s conducted with two individual test groups?  One group ate tomato soup from bowls that were rigged so that soup continued to fill the bowls every time they reached the half full point. The other group had a normal bowl of soup that amounted to about nine ounces.   The group with the normal bowls felt full and stopped eating once they reached the bottom of the bowl.  The ‘bottomless bowl’ people continued to eat until the experiment was over and consumed almost twice the amount of soup!

Using a smaller plate can help you get your portions under control without sacrificing style.  The Slim & Sage plates have an artistic flair that will make any table look beautiful.  To learn more about Slim & Sage click here.

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