Eight High Protein Snacks That Will Shut Down Your Hunger

Mid-Morning and Late Afternoon Snacks Require Special Planning

It’s 10 am.  The breakfast you had four hours ago is just a memory.  Lunch isn’t until noon. You’re in need of a snack.  Chances are you’ll head for the vending machine or maybe you’ve dropped a 100 calorie snack in you bag and think that will help.  Most 100 calorie snacks and vending machine items are full of sugar and simple carbohydrates that only leave you craving something else to eat.

What you really need is a protein based snack.  In fact studies have been done that prove that snacking on foods high in protein will curb hunger better and for longer.  High protein foods don’t have to be high in calories, especially if you pair a high protein food with a piece of fruit, raw vegetables or a whole grain.


Eight Easy High Protein Snacks To Have Handy At All Times 

All of the snacks on the plate are low maintenance, high nutrition foods.

1.  Boiled Eggs – 1 large – 78 calories; 6.3 grams of protein
2.  Chicken Breast (broiled or baked) – 1-4 oz serving – 100 calories; 20 grams of protein
3.  Hummus – 1 tablespoon – 23 calories; 1.1 gram of protein
4.  Dry Roasted Almonds – 1 ounce – 169 calories; 6.3 grams of fat
5.  Lite String Cheese – 1 7 ounce piece – 50 calories; 6 grams of protein
6.  Peanut Butter – 1 tablespoon – 94 calories; 4 grams of protein
7.  Tuna in Water – 1 4 oz can or package –  131 calories; 28.8 grams of protein
8.  Chocolate Almond MIlk – 8 ounces – 120 calories; 1 gram of protein


Mix and Match Proteins With Fruits, Veggies and Whole Grains For High Nutrition

Selecting one of the high protein snacks to eat along with a half of cup of Greek Yogurt, an apple, orange or a couple of sweet mini peppers will keep you satisfied until lunch or dinner, and out of that danger zone of mindless eating that we’ve all been a victim of.

Putting peanut butter on a mini whole wheat bagel or a couple of whole wheat crackers will add fiber which also aids in keeping hunger under control.  If you haven’t tried the chocolate almond milk, you really must.  It’s a guilt-free delight!

Opt For High Nutrition 

The 100 calorie snack craze has convinced us that as long as a snack is low in calories it’s okay for us to eat even if its nutritional value is a big goose egg.  I disagree.  Whether we’re counting calories because we want to lose weight, we’re trying to add muscle mass or fuel for a race, every calorie is important.  Why waste 150 calories on a snack that doesn’t provide the body with an adequate source of fuel?

Most of the time mine is a serving of almonds with a couple mini sweet peppers. (Check out the nutritional value here.)  What’s yours?


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