Find Out How Being A Fan Of My Facebook Page Will Increase Your Productivity By 16%

Becoming A Fan Of Mine Will Actually Help You. 

If you’ve followed this blog you know that I love the data that comes from hardcore, scientific research projects.  Well, here’s some stats you’ll find hard to believe.

Keas has compiled some data that shows that employees that browse the web and use social media throughout the day in 10 minute increments have a higher productivity rate than people who don’t.  That includes checking Facebook and Twitter.  In fact, Keas claims that web-surfing employees are 16% more productive than non.

If you like infographics you can view “The Case For Facebook” graph here.  I’m not a big infographics fan, but in the event you are, I wanted to give you a chance to see it.

You and me. Winning!

How This News Is This A Win-Win For You and Me

Let’s talk about me first. Put That Cookie Down Now! has a Facebook page which you can access by clicking the “Find Us On Facebook” box on the upper right sidebar of this blog.  You joining my FB site is a win-win for me because when you click the “Find Us On Facebook” box it will increase my fan base.  I like having lots of fans.

Now it’s your turn.  You’ll know every time something new is added to this blog because the updates will land in your news feed.  This will give you a reason to check Facebook during the day, which will increase your productivity by 16%.  You may even find yourself in line for a promotion after a few months of checking the Put That Cookie Down Now! blog via Facebook.

I know.  It sounds too good to be true.

Still Not Convinced?  Here Are Four More Good Reason To Follow Me (please).

  1. Not only will you receive updates from Put That Cookie Down Now! – and while that in itself should be enough – you’ll also get up-to-the-minute health and wellness news.  For example, today I read about the feeding tube fad diet for brides.  I shared this relevant, albeit gross, news on my Facebook page.  My fans are reading about it right now.
  2. I promise not to spam you.  We all have that special Facebook ‘friend’ that posts the pictures with the little sayings embedded in them.  I have a ‘friend’ that puts out 20 of those a day.  They can be cute, funny, sad, stupid.  Mostly they are annoying.  You will not find those in your news feed from me.  If there is something in your feed that I’ve put there, you can bet it’s life altering.
  3. I won’t be your ‘friend’.  That may sound cold, but what it means is that I won’t bore you with pictures of my cats, holiday parties or vacation pictures that you don’t care a thing about but feel obligated to comment on, or at least click the ‘Like’ button.  If you’d like to ‘like’ or put a comment on my page feel free to.  If not, I’m okay with it.  You won’t hurt my feelings.
  4. When I reach 100 fans your names will go in a drawing and you’ll have a chance to win a fabulous prize.  I’m thinking the prize will be a combined pool-party-barbeque at my place this summer.  I think I can get to 100 by then.  You can come and stay in the guest room – which kind of overlooks the pool – for the weekend.  I’ll make some of the healthy recipes I’ve posted on this blog.  We’ll throw some burgers on the grill.  I’m working on perfecting my black bean burger recipe which you should see on here later this week.  Maybe we’ll try those along with Skinny Girl Margaritas.

Your Picture Could Be In This Box

No doubt after reading number 4 you’ve all abandoned this site and are over at the Facebook page. I’ll stay here and continue to write because the “How To Blog” manuals I’ve read say I need to: 1.) tell them what you’re going to tell them  2.) tell them 3.) tell them what you’ve told them.  We’re at the ‘tell them what you’ve told them’ part.

You need quality Facebook material in your news feed so that you can increase your productivity at work, impress your boss, get a promotion and make more money.  I need more fans on my Facebook page. Let’s be friends.

*Note – If you’d prefer, you can follow me on Twitter.  I tweet everything too. I post and I tweet.  I’m shameless.