Fitness Blender – One More Option For Full Length Workouts For Free!

One More Replacement for Exercise TV 

Since Exercise TV exited the scene a year ago I’ve continued to look for options for readers that depended on the at-home workouts that the service provided.  I’ve written several articles highlighting alternatives to Exercise TV and I’ve had some great suggestions from readers that I try to share.

Recently I received a comment from a reader recommending Fitness Blender.  Fitness Blender has a variety of full-length workout videos – 140 total – that require basic equipment, provide excellent instructions for executing the exercises and could be done anywhere.

Fitness Blender offers over 140 quality, full-length workouts for free!

Fitness Blender is for Everyone 

As I was viewing the various workouts at Fitness Blender I was thinking about the audience that this would appeal to.  These workouts would be excellent for people that travel and need workouts that they can do in a hotel room.  Fitness instructors that are looking for ideas for the classes they teach would definitely benefit from the wide selection of programs that are available at the site.  Of course, anyone that works out at home and is looking to add some diversity to their routine will find plenty of it at Fitness Blender.

There are some serious workouts at Fitness Blender.  Some of the workout options include: 27 Minute Total Body Medicine Ball Workout, HIIT Workout for Endurance and Strength, Quick & Simple Toning Cardio Boot Camp, and a 15 Minute Lower Ab Workout.  Also at FitnessBlender you’ll find an 8-Week Fat Loss Program.  For details, click here.

I love this 8-minute Quick Sweat Cardio Workout to Lose Weight & Burn Belly Fat Fast workout:

About Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is the creation of a husband and wife team on a ‘shoe string budget’ that have created the content for the site one video at a time.  They are dedicated to providing high quality information that they have gathered from over a decade in the health and fitness industry.

Their web site provides full-length workouts – free of charge – for every fitness level.  Workouts include Pilates, strength training, cardio, Tabata, sports specific, and rehabilitation for injuries and physical conditions.  Anyone looking for full-lenth quality workout programs on-line should check out the site.

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