Fitness Experts Answer Your Questions On The Be Fit Channel

Got Questions?  The Experts At Be Fit Have Answers

Liongate’s Melana Scantlin has launched a new series called “You Asked For it” with host Melana Scantlin.  On “You Asked For It” fitness experts answer your fitness questions.  In the preview below Be Fit experts answer two questions asked by viewers:

1.  How should I mix cardio, strength training, and rest day?

2.  Should cardio come before or after weight training?

Check out the answers to these questions by watching the video clip below:

Submit your questions to Be Fit and get answers from experts like Denise Austin, Jimmy Pena, Sarah Fit, Sadie Nardini and Rainbeau Mars.

To subscribe to Be Fit and check out the other free workout videos the channel offers you can go directly to their web sit by clicking here.

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