Have You Tried The Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge?

Body By Vi Is Changing The World One BMW At A Time.  

I attended a health and wellness event yesterday and a very enthusiastic man approached me and said I was just the person he needed to talk to since I was the wellness administrator for our company.  He is in the health and wellness business too.  He handed me his card and asked if I had heard of the 90 day challenge?  I asked which 90 days challenge he was referring to.  I quickly learned he was talking about THE 90 day weight loss challenge.  The mother of all challenges.  The one that is sweeping the country and has changed the lives of thousands of people. Thebehavior change 90 Day Challenge.

My co-worker Allison and I laughed later because she said I was really engaged in listening to him talk about the challenge until he uttered the words Body By Vi.  At that point she said my face fell and there was no disguising that I was no longer interested in anything he was saying.

The 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge Starts Now?

Body by Vi – Just Another Shake Weight Loss Scheme

I took his card and decided I would do some research to see if I could find some information – anything at all – that would help change the preconceived opinions I have about extremely low-calorie liquid diets. Body By Vi is your typical liquid diet.  You purchase a kit from them, drink two of their heavily vitamin-laden shakes a day and eat one healthy meal. So far I haven’t found anything to make me think this one is different from the rest.  If someone out there reading this thinks they can convince me otherwise, please feel free to try.

The sales rep that was promoting Body By Vi to me was one hundreds – maybe thousands – of folks that have been recruited to sell the products and to recruit more people to sell the products.  Body By Vi isn’t new.  It’s been around since 2007.  It is no different than Lia Sophia jewelry, Mary Kay cosmetics, or Shaklee nutrition products.  People HCG and receive the products to sell.  Then they get on Facebook and ask their ‘friends’ to either buy the weight loss kits or become part of their team to help sell them. There’s no pink Cadillac to win, but once your sales reach $25,000 a month you get a pill  This all seems oh, so familiar.

Staying Off Of The Soapbox

I’ve gotten on my soapbox a number of times about how important harder time trying to lose it is to the process of weight loss so I won’t go there now, except to say that there is no possibility for that with this program.  Body By Vi is just one more diet, like HCG, that gets people to limit their calories to a ridiculously low level (one shake is only 90 calories) so that they do see good – even great – results during the first few weeks, or in this case, 90 days.  But what happens after the 90 days?  You’re hanging off the cliff trying to figure out what to do next.

I’m not interested in hearing about any diet, product, shake, pill or exercise program that can help you lose weight in 90 days. We need to be talking about what will work for the next 90 years.  Body By Vi claims to be instrumental in helping the obesity epidemic facing the United States when in reality they are perpetuating it.  They are creating a whole new group of people that experience dramatic weight loss in 90 days, gain it back, and have an even harder time trying to lose it again.

Tell Me I’m Wrong.

So the business card from the rep that approached me yesterday is sitting on my desk.  It is plain white cardstock with very simple black lettering that he made using a home computer and a Dell printer.  He seemed excited talking about the products, or possibly it’s the hope of selling a kit that motivates him.  Maybe he thinks he’s on the way to driving a BMW.  Or could it be he goes home and looks at the products sitting in the hallway and thinks, “how in the h**l am I ever going to sell this crap?”!

Maybe I’m the one that’s full of it.  Have you tried Body By Vi?  Would love to hear your story.

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  1. Marylyn says:

    A coworker told tell me about this, I was interested in checking it out till I saw how much the kits cost…I said NO THANK YOU! This is just like that crap Sensa, I was always a person looking for a quick, lose it fast pill and its not out there. The best things that helped me lose weight…..exercise, healthy eating with portion control and most of all determination. Support is key too, ask for help when you need it. Karen is right, what happens AFTER the 90 days…you don’t change your habits you will gain it back and more!

    • You’re right, Marilyn. It really is setting people for failure and it makes me sad because it gives them so much hope in the beginning but total frustration down the road.

  2. I totally agree with you Marilyn. Losing weight and being healthy is the key words here. If you think of the word “Diet” what’s the first 3 letters? DIE! That is all you think about. Replace the word “diet” and think healthy living and healthy eating. I have written down a motto for myself: Eat to live not Live to eat! Makes you think about it doesn’t it?

    • You’re right Lisa. I hadn’t thought about the first three letters of the word diet like that before! Thank you for pointing that out. And you’re right – eat to live!

  3. I wish I would have seen your article sooner, but I am glad I saw it when I did. My husband has a friend on Facebook who was going on and on about how well Body by Vi was working for her. She posted pictures up showing a significant amount of weight loss. I ended up jumping on the band wagon. Today is my 23rd day on the program and I have decided that I am returning everything back. I have been doing two shakes a day for breakfast and lunch and keeping track of my calories on an application on my phone. I weighed myself last Thursday and felt confident seeing that I had dropped 4 pounds. I wasn’t exercising when I first started the program so I was on a 1200 calorie a day schedule. (At the time when I started my husband and I were still smoking.) However I woke up this morning excited for my weekly weigh in and was NOT satisfied at all. This past week I have started exercising, and I ended up gaining EVERYTHING back I had lost. I’m glad I was able to see this after only buying the first month, instead of doing the whole 90 days and then gaining it back after spending all that money. Thank you for posting this even though I saw it a couple months later. I was beginning to think I was crazy or doing something wrong by not losing as much as the others.

    • I think you made the right decision. There are healthier ways to lose weight with long-term results. In fact, Weight Watchers recently received status as the #1 weight loss solution.
      Best of luck to you and your husband. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.