Kathy Smith’s Yoga Sculpt Review – A+

Kathy Smith Delivers With This Three-Workout DVD Set

Yoga Sculpt Is Both Ageless and Timeless

We’ve been doing fitness classes using workout DVDs at work.  This is a program I launched after the holidays to get people more active during the workday and after work.  The sweatier workouts – Turbo Jam and Zumba – are after work, and yoga and strength training are held over the lunch hour.

I will confess that I have not done a lot of yoga.  Okay, I haven’t really ever done it.  I’ve been intimidated by it for the same reasons many people are: the clothes, mats, exclusive studios, and most of all that calm, Zen-like atmosphere.  I like energetic, rhythmic workouts to music!

But I wanted to offer yoga over the lunch hour to give people a chance to do a class where they could go back to work without having to shower.  Plus, after I did the post on the workouts that the stars do to stay looking fabulous and learned that yoga is a mainstay, I decided it’s definitely something I want to try.

I watched almost every yoga clip at CollageVideo.com and decided to order Kathy Smith’s Yoga Sculpt.  I made a good choice.

Three Workouts In One DVD

Yoga Sculpt includes three workouts:  New Yoga, New Yoga Challenge and a 30-minute toning workout.  I consider the workouts to be intermediate to advanced although a beginning yoga student can start with the New Yoga workout and be challenged but not find it impossible. Those of us in the class were not able to hold the poses the first couple of times through, but we like to be challenged and plan to keep working on it.

Kathy provided excellent cues, options for modifications, and a calm demeanor throughout.  What I like most about the workout was that is was intense enough that I felt energy from it the rest of the day. I wasn’t so relaxed that I had trouble keeping my eyes open at my desk, which is what I had feared might happen.

This clip from the DVD should give you a sense of the flow and level of difficulty of the workouts.


Yoga Sculpt Has Been Around For Awhile

The workouts in Yoga Sculpt aren’t new.  The DVD is actually a compilation of three earlier workouts originally sold under separate cover on VHS.  Even though there are newer yoga programs I selected this one because I knew I could count on Kathy to deliver a program that I could use in a class setting at work.

Kathy Smith – Fitness Icon

Kathy herself is a fitness icon that has been in the fitness business for thirty or more years.  She is the president of her own company, Kathy Smith Lifestyles, and has sold over $500 million in fitness products and equipment.  She has a wide variety of workout DVDs on the market that include everything from cardio kickboxing, to workouts for baby boomers and pregnant women, and her famous fat burning classics.

Kathy is also a spokesperson for the International Council on Active Aging. You don’t need me to tell you how appropriate that is.

Yoga Sculpt Gets an A+

This workout is not just for beginners.  It will provide an effective workout for a wide range of fitness levels and abilities, but is an excellent place to start if you’re like me and just now ready to add yoga to your repertoire.

Have you tried Kathy’s Yoga Sculpt, or do you have another program that you think is the absolute best?  Please share in the comment box below.