iPad Wellness Apps, Fad Diets, Free Workout Music. It Doesn’t Get Better Than This.

It’s Friday . . . . .  I’m In [Link] Love

What a great week.  I have post-Olympic inspiration, phone and iPad apps you can’t live without and free fitness music.  It’s all here on Link Love Friday.

It’s Friday. I’m in Love!

Three Fitness Games For Social Butterflies Who Love Their Smartphones – I have both addictions this article plays to:  An addiction to fitness and to my Smartphone.  The Daily News picks the top three fitness apps that use social networking to motivate users.  You can see their picks here.

The Top Ten Health and Fitness Apps for the iPad – Several of these apps take a step outside of simply tracking calories and workouts  – not that that is simple.  They provide symptom checkers, average wait times for emergency rooms, and disease risk calculators.  There’s also a menu planner and fun app for children that shows them what they will have to do to burn off their favorite foods. Check out the apps you can’t live without here.

Five Crazy Diet Trends You Should Avoid – From the General Motors diet to going gluten free, this slideshow provides a pictorial – and some good advice – about diet trends you should avoid.  Following the likes of Mylie Cyrus and Lady Gaga can put you at risk for not getting the nutrients you need to function efficiently each day.  I know we all know that fad diets aren’t long term solutions to weight management, but this is a good reminder of what to avoid. Link to the slideshow from here.

IFBB Bikini Pro Amanda Latona Launches Her “Miracle Butt Workout” Only For $5 – I couldn’t pass this up. It is only $5 and it looks like it would be a good butt workout from the promo that Latona has on her site.  The Virtual Strategy.com article talks about the process that Latona when through to make this workout affordable to the public and includes a link where you can go to purchase if interested.  Check out the VS article here. I’m thinking about buying one.  If you beat me to it let me know what you think!

Free Workout Music Playlist from Shape Magazine – Shape posts a monthly playlist of fitness music that you can download for free. The August play list consists of Good Time, Want U Back, World-Hold On, All Over the World, and Whistle.  I downloaded and added it to my iPod.  Not bad!  The music is re-mixed by WorkoutMusic.com so you won’t hear the voices of the original artists, but I’m not hung up on that.  For years I’ve taught fitness classes using re-mixed music and find that working to a specific BPM (beats per minutes) help me stay motivated and moving consistently.  Check out the link to download the music here.

Chris Cardell’s Review of The Olympics 2012 – Over, but not forgotten, the 2012 Olympics in London were an inspiration to people around the world.  Chris Cardell’s review of the games captures the extraordinary spirit of the Olympics, and gives some take-aways we can apply to our own lives.  For example:

“I didn’t see any gold medal winners who got there by making a vague decision about how successful they’d like to be, putting in the same effort as the masses and not working weekends.  You get gold by getting up when everyone else is asleep and putting in the work others won’t. Then you do it again and again through rain, sleet and snow.  You get gold by failing and coming out of that failure with an iron resolve that nobody will shake.  You get gold by doing the gymnastic leap of your life, with a bandaged broken toe.”

Ah, yes!  Thank you, Chris.  I needed to read this today.  Do you need to be inspired? You can read the entire article here.

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  1. I’m not sure what to think. Maybe I can try to find someone who has used it that had a good experience with it. Giving the company my credit card number is the worrisome part for me. Check out this review of the app: http://hogger15.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/gympact-could-it-be-the-worst-apple-app-yet/