Butt Shaping Exercises, A Give-Away You Can’t Resist, and Two Thumbs Down for Junk Food. It’s Friday. I’m In Love.

It’s Friday. I’m In [Link] Love.

Friday.  The best day of the week and I have links that you will love.  Thumbs up to military retirees, Mayor Bloomberg, Gaiam Fitness, George Takei, and a mommy blogger that loves wine.  It’s Friday.  I’m in [link] love.

It's Friday, I'm In Love.

Retired Military Officers Want Junk Food Out of Schools – What’s in your child’s school lunch?  If retired military officials have their way it will undergo a drastic make-over.  “Three-quarters of those ages 17 to 24, or about 26 million young people, cannot serve in the military, a quarter of them because they are overweight or obese, says retired Air Force lieutenant general Norman Seip, a spokesman for Mission: Readiness.”  Seip and a group of retired military personnel think that improving the school lunch programs is a good place to start in combating the child and youth obesity epidemic. Read the full article here.

New York City Hospitals Cracking Down On Junk Food – The school lunch program isn’t the only menu under ‘review’.  In New York City, public and private hospitals are the most recent target of Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-obesity campaign.  If the mayor gets his way, a vending machine filled with candy bars and a cafeteria menu that includes an order of fried chicken will be a thing of the past in hospitals in the Big Apple.  Mayor Bloomberg is getting plenty of flak for this recent healthier-hospital-food campaign which comes on the heels of the gigantic soda ban controversy.  The full article from The Associated Press is here.

The Couch Potato Workout – If you have time to watch T.V. you have time to exercise.  In fact, why not exercise while you watch your favorite shows?  The couch potato workout (click here for link to the video) shows you how you can get in 18 – 20 minutes of exercise during screen time.  For even more tips on making the most of screen time, check out a recent article I wrote on the topic here.

Five Butt Shaping Exercises From Fitness Magazine – Fitness Magazine shows five exercises that will help you tighten and tone your tush.  I can’t think of a reason why you couldn’t do these in front of the T.V. too.  For those of us that sit at a desk for most of the day, we should be doing specific exercises to prevent the sprawling behind syndrome that is the result of being in a chair for several hours at a time.  Check out the exercises here.

Gaiam TV Giveaway – Over at Cranky Fitness Crabby is giving away a three month membership to Gaiam TV which, by the way, I subscribe to and can tell you that it is a quality streaming Internet channel that has a huge library of exercise DVDs.  Along with fitness DVDs, Gaiam has an abundance of wellness videos that focus on meditation, inner exploration, inspiration and the connection of mind, body and spirit.  Three months of free streaming  – which Cranky is giving away – will give you a chance to try it out before you commit to a subscription. Check out the details for the give-away here.

The last two links aren’t related to health and wellness, but are just for fun:

Cloudy With A Chance of Wine – Dani Ryan is a blogger that left the corporate world to be a stay-at-home mom.  Dani describes herself as a high-strung introvert and social media junkie that likes to drink wine and watch trashy reality TV. (What’s not to love about her?)  Her blog is witty and broaches a wide range of subjects – from condo living to PMS to the trials of being a stay at home mom – but not in typical mommy blog style. Check out Dani’s blog at: Cloudy With A Chance of Wine.

George Takei Facebook Fan Page – You may already be a fan of George Takei’s Facebook fan page. (He has 2.7 million.)  If you’re not a fan you should be. For a daily dose of pure fun in your Facebook news feed, ‘Like’ his page (click here) and participate in the absurdities that follow.

 George delivers these funnies daily.  On good days you’ll receive two or three.

Happy Friday! 

I love link love Fridays because I have a tendency to get lazy by the end of the week and this allows me to pass along some great stuff without doing too much work.  I hope you enjoy the links.

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  1. WOW! Butt exercises were challanging! We need to do them in class, Karen.