Need A Break From Spinach and Broccoli? Try This Easy and Delicious Bok Choy Recipe.

Bok Choy Is Delicious, Nutritious and Easy to Prepare. 

If you need a break from broccoli and spinach this quick and easy stir fry recipe for Bok Choy is just what you need.  Bok Choy is a vegetable that could easily be classified as both a superfood and a free food.  It is extremely low in calories, yet has an incredibly high nutritional value.

Up until now our relationship with Bok Choy has been limited, making an occasional appearance in special dishes we order at an Asian restaurant.  But, as Bok Choy becomes more main stream, it’s easy to find in your local grocery.  The problem is you may not know exactly what to do with it.

Bok Choy. What do I do with it?

Don’t let that stop you.  It’s incredibly easy to prepare.  If you need a break from lettuce, broccoli and spinach, I’ve got a quick and easy recipe for you to try.

But first, the nutritional low-down on how good this vegetable really is for us.

Bok Choy Is A Nutritional Powerhouse

Bok Choy is a leafy Chinese cabbage that is primarily grown in China, the Philippines, and Vietnam.  Besides it’s sweet flavor, it’s popular because it is a rich source of many phyto-nutrients, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, some of which you don’t find in most foods. Bok Choy is a good source of Vitamins C, A and K.  Plus it has B-complex vitamins including B6, B5 and B-1.  Calcium, phosphorous, potassium, manganese, iron and magnesium are also found in Bok Choy.

It can be eaten raw in salads, or paired with cabbage for slaws.  The most popular way to fix Bok Choy is stir fried which is how I’ve prepared it. Below is a very easy stir-fry dish that I made and wanted to share.

Besides the Bok Choy you’ll need olive oil, garlic, ginger and chicken broth.

First, cut the stem off of the Bok Choy. Separate the leaves, rinse and drain.

Preparing the Bok Choy

In a large skillet put about two tablespoons of olive oil, ginger and three cloves of minced garlic. Cook until the garlic is golden brown.  Add the Bok Choy.  Stir fry for three to four minutes.  Add a half a cup of chicken broth.  Simmer until crisp-tender.

Stir fry in olive oil, garlic and ginger.

The leaves will shrink as they cook so don’t worry if they overlap the pan at first.  Drizzle with a little more olive oil and a dash of salt.

Serve warm.

There is nothing to fear.  Not only is Bok Choy easy to cook, it’s delicious! If you’re interested in more detail about the nutrition of Bok Choy click here for a link to the Nutrition and You web site.