Nineteen Days Into The New Year. Are The New Year’s Resolutions Still In Tact?

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Create Your Vision.  Reach Your Goals

I’ve been trying to get the hang of Pinterest.  I’ve only pinned a couple of things so far but I’ve looked at some of the boards and categories.  To me it looks like a huge collection of vision boards.  It’s fun to look at how creative and unusual some of the boards are and how revealing they are as to individual personalities.  No two boards look or feel the same. It is quite a remarkable concept and may help people reach their goals and make their dreams reality without them even realizing it.

Universal Law of Attraction

Vision boards have long been used for various reasons, but primarily to provide visual inspiration to help people stay on track with their goals.  Some people adamantly believe that if you create a vision board filled with the things that you want to have or achieve in your life and put it in a conspicuous place where you’ll see it daily, the images on the board will begin to become realities in your life.

The theory is based on the Law of Universal Attraction.  Simply put, “like attracts like”.  Positive and negative thinking bring about positive or negative results.  The way to change the outcome of a situation or turn a dream in reality is to create positive emotional energy around it.  If the images that have been placed on the board generate passion in you when you look at them, you’ll be more successful in making those visions come to life.

Remember “The Secret”?

“The Secret” was based on the Law of Attraction and was rampantly popular a few years ago in both book and movie form.  “The Secret” proposed that people have hidden, untapped powers that when discovered and applied in a positive way will change every aspect of their life for the better.

People believe that applying the principles in the book are life-changing.  I recall meeting some friends after work one evening for a glass of wine a few years ago at the time when the popularity of the book was at its height, and one of my friends brought the book with her to show the rest of us.  She was reading “The Secret” and applying the principles and absolutely believed that her life was changing as a result of it.

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I remember creating vision boards when I was in junior high school.  I didn’t know that’s what I was doing, but I loved to look at magazines and would cut out pictures of clothes I liked, guys I thought were cute, my favorite musicians, the car I wanted to drive and the collie dog I wanted to have when I got married.  I would place the pictures on a poster board and hang it in my room where I could enjoy looking at all of those pictures of things that inspired me every day.  Every few months I would change some of the pictures or the color of the board. I had no knowledge of the theories surrounding vision boards, but undeniably, the boards gave me energy. Why else would I have continued to create them?

How Are Your Resolutions Holding Up?  

Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself:

Do you remember what it was on December 31, 2011 that you decided you wanted to change by December 31, 2012?

For the remainder of the year, if you keep doing what you’re doing now, will you be successful in achieving what you resolved to?

Are you already feeling less motivated in reaching that goal than you did 18 days ago?

To secure your success with reaching the goals you’ve set for 2012 it may be that a concept as simple as a vision board will help you channel that positive energy so that you’ll continue to tackle those resolutions and you will get the change that you want in your life this year and in years to come.

Let’s just say, hypothetically, my goal is to give up ‘fast food’.  That means no drive-throughs, heat and eat stuff from the grocery or processed grains.  My vision board around that goal would be filled with pictures of delicious looking fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and pictures of families sitting together at mealtime eating beautifully prepared dishes that I imagine coming from my own kitchen.  I might have photos of fabulous, healthy looking people that eat a healthy diet.  Maybe even some images of the things that I will reward myself with every time I reach a milestone.  I might fill the board with other things that inspire me and will help move me towards my goal as well. There are no limits to what can go on the board.

You can go at this the old way.  Visit the local Wal Mart or art store and purchase foam board, construction paper and two sided tape.  Then start going through some of your favorite magazines and cut out the pictures that inspire you and place them on the foam.  Hang the board in a place where you will see if every day; by the bathroom mirror, near your desk at work, in front of the treadmill.  Put it in a place where you can rely on it for constant encouragement.

There are some techier ways to create a board via dowloadable Smartphone and iPhone apps. Vision Board Deluxe can be downloaded from the Happy Tapper for $.99 for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad  and the Intention Vision Board Deluxe app for smartphones for $1.99.

I’m not sure the phone app would trigger the same emotions as a board I made myself would.  Creating the board is similar to scrapbooking.  The process of finding the pictures and building the collage is powerful in itself.

Or, you can set up an account in Pinterest and utilize the tools that are provided there to make a vision board that the world can see.

If you feel you’re losing your momentum on your resolutions less than a month into the new year a vision board can be one more tool in your arsenal of self-improvement weaponry.