Nutrition and Productivity. Is There A Connection?

What’s for lunch? Greek salad or Italian beef? The choice is yours.

For me, it’s the Greek salad. It’s my favorite salad, and a couple of the places that I frequent – when I don’t brown-bag – have a Greek salad that is crisp, delicious and nutritious. Romaine lettuce, cucumber slices, red onions, kalamata olives, feta cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil and vinegar dressing.

It’s a salad that has body and flavor but doesn’t give my blood sugar a rush. Eating a salad or a bean or vegetable based soup for lunch helps me maintain my energy throughout the afternoon. A lunch that consists of beef on a bun, pasta, or anything fried, puts me in sleep-mode by 2 p.m.

What’s the connection between the foods we eat and our productivity – not just at work – but at home as well?

Matthew Pelletier, the director of public relations of C & S Safety Training Videos, invited me to share this infographic that connects the dots between food and productivity. If you are a leader in employee wellness programs, a human resource manager, or CEO/CFO of an organization, this might be of particular interest to you.

Featured By: C&S Safety Training Videos

While this infographic is specific to the workplace, it certainly is relevant to the school system where the lunch program is undergoing considerable debate. Unarguably, providing more nutritious foods for children whose jobs are to attend classes and pass tests, will set them up for success.

What about when you’re at home? Productivity is equally important there where you’re trying to juggle a family, manage finances, maintain a home. Selecting foods from the brain-loving categories will give you the fuel you need so fatigue isn’t a factor by mid-day or early evening.

What’s you favorite brain food?

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