Say Hello To Wello, FitWire and the Most Outrageous Fitness Moments In Music Videos.

It’s Friday, I’m In  [Link] Love 

I love Fridays when I get to share a whole bunch of links with you.  This is a collection of need-to-know stuff that I’ve found this week, but haven’t had a chance to share until now.

Also, we have a winner to the Wellness Code book giveaway.  Announcement on Saturday! A big thank you to everyone who entered.


It's Friday, I'm In Love.

Say Hello To Wello –  This was all over the web this week. Wello is a new video-service that offers a wide variety of fitness classes and instructors, plus personal training options for people that want a gym-style workout without going to a gym.  The on-line fitness club has over 100 instructors for you to choose from once you register.  You pick the class, instructor and the length of the workout.  The catch is each workout is individually priced and, in my opinion, a little pricey.  In most cases a 25 minute session is $25.  The link to is here.  (BTW – if you check it out I would love to know what you think.)

Olympians Defend Jones On Question Of Fitness – Leisel Jones has won eight medals in swimming for Australia and will compete again this year in London.  The primary concern – for some in the Australian press – is her appearance.  Some of the media outlets went so far as to poll readers to see if they thought she was fat.  It’s raised a storm, but other Olympic athletes have come to her defense which is refreshing. Read about how her fellow athletes are sticking up for her here.

The Unproven Claims Of Fitness Products – Beware of claims that weight loss and fitness products can help you melt fat, lose weight and improve performance without having to put out much (or any) effort.  Most – if not all – of those claims are unsubstantiated according to Dr. Matthew Thompson, a senior clinical scientist at the University of Oxford.  Dr. Thompson examined the claims made in advertisements for sports drinks, oral supplements, footwear, clothing and devices like wrist bands and compression socks.  You can read what they learned here.

FitWire Health and Fitness Social Networking Site Connection Fitness Professionals With Prospects – If you are a fitness professional and would like some help getting connected to clients, FitWire may be able to help.  “The site connects regular users seeking fitness experts and their advice with health and fitness professionals.”  The site is for personal trainers, physical therapists, nutritionists, athletes, athletic trainers and other service providers.  The site launched on July 24.  Read more about it here and visit the FitWire site here.

Small Investment In Fitness Can Lead To Major Boost In Motivation – If you’re in a slump and finding it hard to stick with your exercise and nutrition programs spending a little cash on an item that will help you reach your goal is well worth is according to Stacy Johnson.  In this article she talks from personal experience about some of the things she’s purchased to stay motivated.  It may give you some ideas to get back on track too.  Read the full article here.

The Most Outrageous Fitness Moments in Music Videos – Just for fun, check out Huff Post’s outrageous fitness moments in music videos here.  Some of them are scary but maybe that’s because I’m old enough to remember them.  Keep in mind – laughter is medicine.

The 10-Minute Workout, Times Three – While it might not be new news, it is reassuring that studies continue to show that even if you don’t have an hour and a half everyday to work out you can still make improvements in your health in as little as 30 minutes a day.  Even if those 30 minutes are divided into three ten minute sessions.  Dr. Glen Gaesser, a professor and director of the Health Lifestyles Research Center in Arizona State University oversaw a new study about the effects the 10 minute workout, times three on high blood pressure.  Read about Dr. Gaesser’s findings here.

Fire Roasted Tomato Gazpacho from Eat Better America – Not in the mood for hot soup?  I bet you’ll change your mind with this cold – but firey – gazpacho.  Prep time is 15 minutes but it needs to chill for at least an hour and a half before serving.  It’s delicious! Eat Better America is my favorite healthy recipe web site. Check out the gazpacho recipe here.

Happy Friday, share the love, and have a great weekend!



  1. Sarah from Wello says:

    Thanks so much for the post about Wello. You can book Wello trainers with a lot of price flexibility. There are almost a dozen trainers offering single 55 minute sessions for $40 or less, and there are trainers that offer packages starting at $10/session. We love hearing your feedback so please let us know what you think! Thank you again for the support.

    • That Sarah – It is an interesting concept with so many options. I’ll be keeping an eye on it and would love to do a more in depth review of the opportunities. Thanks for your comment!

      • Sarah from Wello says:

        That would be great. Please let me know if you have any questions by contacting sarah at