The Five Running Blogs I’ve Picked To Help Me . . . . . .

.   .   .    .    .    .     .      Reach My Half Marathon Goal

Illinois Half Marathon Here I Come! – I finally registered for the Illinois Half Marathon which takes place on April 28.  Since the first of the year I’ve been trying to decide if I really want to commit to running a half marathon in April and was secretly hoping that the event would fill up and I’d end up in the 10K again. I ran the 10K last year without difficulty and totally enjoyed myself.

Now I have to get busy with a training program that will get me from where I am now – decent runner, but nothing special – to being able to run the 13+-mile event with relative ease.  I’m not interested in having to stop and walk, except during a water break, or being sore for a week afterwards.  I want to run the event, and not come in last. On the other hand, I don’t want to have to spend hours training for a two hour run. Is this too much to ask?

Here we are after the Illinois Marathon 2011.  The post tailgate was super fun! 

Running Addicts – I know plenty of running addicts.  You probably know a few too.  Some of my Facebok ‘friends’ are addicts. Every Facebook status they post is about running.  They post pictures of their running shoes, share their running distances with times, and inspirational quotes and pictures about running.  I’m not one of them.  I’m not addicted to running.  I have too many other things I like to do.  I know if I’m going to be competitive at all at distance running I have to commit to the training which frankly I’m not excited about.

Lots of running addicts have blogs that are all about  . . . . . you guessed, it . . . . running!  There’s no way to know how many of these themed blogs are out there, but it’s in the hundreds or thousands. I’ve scoured Healthcare College’s list of the top 100 running blogs for 2011. I think that getting a little love from a few of these runner/blogger addicts might be just what I need to keep me motivated to train for the race in April so I’ve picked out five to follow. My picks are:

1. ) The Running Moran – Here’s a guy with a sense of humor. Some of his blog posts remind me of the Facebook statuses I mentioned earlier only he blogs in more detail.  Check out The Running Moron’s post about the new shorts he bought for his birthday.  Poor guy.  I don’t feel too sorry for him though.  The Running Moran is #15 in Blog Ranks RSS membership category.  Keep up the cute blog posts, Moran.  I’m counting on you.

2.)  A Case of The Runs – Again, it looks like this is a blog will take a light-hearted approach to running which is exactly what I need.  I don’t need a coach or someone to tell me all of the things I’m doing wrong and therefore that’s why I suck.  I already know all of that. Julie is a half-marathon girl and has some pretty good times listed on her Un(der)trained Melody post.  I’ll see if I can get somewhere near one of those times in April. (Yeah, right).  I just need to keep smiling and I think Julie will help.

3. ) Morning Runner – I’m a morning runner so that’s why I picked this blog to follow.  Plus I like the recipes that she includes with pictures. Morning Runner is a little ahead of me with the whole speed/distance thing though.  In the post, Pacing Your Long Run, she’s talking about 18 miles at a 8:50 minute/mile pace.  Looks like this ‘morning runner’ has some catching up to do!

4.)  Running With An Attitude – I’ll be totally honest.  The reason I picked this blog is because it looks like the posts are updated almost daily and they are short.  Sometimes short is good.  If I can get some inspiration in a couple of minutes, I’m good with that.  Michelle, the blogger (and runner) with an attitude plans to complete in nine runs this years.  Three of those are half marathons. That alone is inspiring! I think Michelle and I are going to get along nicely.

5.)  Shut Up and  Run – This is #100 on the list of Top Running Blogs for 2011.  Being 100 is very awesome.  It means you beat out whoever is 101 and made the list.  This is one serious runner who went from zero to 23 miles without messing around with half marathons and the other stuff that usually comes in between.  I can tell she has an attitude too.  A positive one that I know is going to influence my ability to get up on cold, dark mornings and get outside and RUN!!

I’ve pleased that I’ve found a way to combine two things that I love (kind of ) to do.  I love to blog, read blogs, follow blogs, and read the ‘About’ pages of the blogs I discover and follow.  I love (kind of) to run.  Or at least I plan to by the time April 28th is here and the starting gun goes off for the Illinois half.

Do you blog about running or do you have a favorite one that you follow?  Please share. I need all the help I can get!


  1. I love halfers! After four fulls, my mind can’t take it. Thanks for these running blogs – love the running moran! I wish I had some of my first journal entries from my very first marathon to share – I think you’d like them. Oh, this reminds me, I should probably start running considering I have a 5 mile mud run in two weeks.
    Tabitha recently posted..Monday Inspiration – A Better TomorrowMy Profile

    • That’s amazing. Four fulls!! I don’t know if I’ll ever work my way up to that. The good friend that I run with is training for the full so who knows, maybe I’ll be ready too. Love the Running Moran and!

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  3. I randomly found this in my link-backs, and I just wanted to thank you for reading my blog! I’m totally not the runner I hope I can be, but I do love to connect with other runners. =)
    Julie (A Case of the Runs) recently posted..Polar FT60 Heart Rate MonitorMy Profile

    • You’re welcome. I’ve enjoyed following it. It certainly does help to be connected to other runners from a motivational standpoint.